Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview With New Spartan Browser Included [Download]

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview With New Spartan Browser Included [Download]

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Microsoft has announced the release of a new Windows 10 Preview (build 10049) that includes its new Project Spartan browser.

Project Spartan will be available across the Windows 10 device family. It is fast, compatible, and built for the modern Web. Project Spartan is designed to work the way you do, with features enabling you to do cool things like write or type on a webpage. It’s a browser that is made for easy sharing, reading, discovery and getting things done online.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what's in this build. Keep in mind all these features are still in an early, incomplete state:

● Cortana is built-in and ready to assist: Cortana in Project Spartan is a personal assistant that helps make Web browsing easier for you, with whatever you’re trying to get done. Cortana offers help at just the right moment, based on what she knows about the Web, about you and what you might be trying to do. She remains in the background but provides additional information when you need it, making browsing easier and more efficient. Cortana in Spartan will be available in the US versions of this build, and available more broadly later.
● Inking and sharing so you can capture and communicate your thoughts: Everyone uses the Web routinely to share questions, thoughts, info and comments with friends and colleagues. Now with new inking capabilities, Project Spartan enables you to write or type directly on the page, comment on what’s interesting or clip what you want – then easily share this “Web Note” via mail, or a social network. Researching and collecting information from the Web is just as easy, as you can save your notes directly to OneNote.
● Distraction-free reading with Reading List and Reading View: Keeping up with information overload on the Web is one of the challenges that we all have to manage. Project Spartan helps with a beautiful new Reading List to collect everything you want to read, including the ability to save any webpage or PDF for convenient access later, and an integrated, distraction-free Reading View that keeps you focused on the content.
● A new engine for the modern Web: Project Spartan’s new rendering engine is built around the idea that the Web “just works,” while being fast, more secure and more reliable. As we shared in our recent developer workshop, we made some changes to the rendering engine that you will see in this build.

This preview is NOT a polished, ready-for-everyone release; however, those interested can download the build from the link below...

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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Preview With New Spartan Browser Included [Download]

noway - March 31, 2015 at 5:20pm
"reading view" i have seen this somewhere else, oh right my iPhone few years ago now. but the note thing maybe useful for tablets
Gautham - March 31, 2015 at 5:14pm
Do I need to download this or can I update my previous build?
ASD - March 31, 2015 at 3:29pm
Final internet explorer updates