November 26, 2022
Three Years Ago This Comic Predicted Apple Would Invent a Microsoft Surface-Like iPad in 2015

Three Years Ago This Comic Predicted Apple Would Invent a Microsoft Surface-Like iPad in 2015

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Nat - September 14, 2015 at 5:08pm
Oh you guys never fail to make my day. Keep it up while you can! You think you have what it takes to be so desperate to fool me? Who hired you to do such an act? I go to every article to say what I think like you do, yet you break out a crap load of but hurt just to prove what you think is happening. It's all mind games to you buddy! Nothing but nonsensical myth parasite you take a shit about and yet you keep coming back to achieve more of that than you can possibly imagine? All of you are the reason why I am here because you want to keep diminishing your minds from lying about the false truth you wish to believe and that goes to iDevice slow to. In other words, brainwashed like a Samsung fanboy trying to prove yourselves the false advertising you wish would exist out of your ass! It takes a contagious disgusted prick ass to know one! You have to be one to understand it anyway with non educated unworthy godforsaken stereotypical syndrome spewing soul e world has every had to experience who has no idea what to claim real English in the first place yet you go out of your way just to show how much of a wannabe smart ass you think your going to achieve! I have a life that doesn't involve coming back here just to prove one person wrong , slack crap! It's called accepting what you really are why you are here and continue to be until you finally realize how much basement time you wasted in your life less cave scrapping as much diarrhea and mold it into these gimmicks! Claiming yourself what has already been proven anyway believe it or not continues to show what has been said about you! You keep making me roll my ass off the floor that even God would even understand! Pray for a life you wish you had in the first place, but all was wasted until you brought your mind numbing midget acting crap loaded c-men sculptured gullible disabled ass here in the human race ever! Just from judging that alone, your soul will rot just like unused waste lie ing in the sewers where you took these ranting lessons where your scrapped scuffed rotten throbbing home can die in scraps like you that costed a maggot pile to possibly pay for! Not a single smart and I mean smart human can realize whoever the hell you were even if you were smart before downgrading to a shit smothered c*m stained mentally challenged deranged Jewish crap about you are your hipsterish nonsense over what you wish iPad Pro was in the first place. Those gimmicks of yours and you in general can be shoved up the ass until it sets a flashback about why you became the biggest joke ever existed that used to be smart about knowing the difference between this and smart that shows where your dimension is where you try to shove it down our throats like we will ever admit unproven lie! Slack Crap, That's how the truth is all because you decided not to accept iPad Pro and think it's going to fail already and wish it was that way no matter how far you think you judge iPad Pro just by looking at it with your smothered blind blood shot eyes all because of this fck up you became! This is why we see so many bums, kids in Africa starving, and possibly creating an apocalypse for you and the rest because of you disabled gullible fckers trying to help ruin the world for all we know! (In other words, it makes you the master of any delusional of any number one rotten uneducated wannabe crap a lot out there) that just stare down a product and judge without any effort of proving, comparing, or explaining why nothing is good in the first place against an over achievable golden standard innovating killer tablet iPad Pro has ever been in history from a company that cares about customers and has the face of Steve jobs that lies in them, but you on the other hand have the face of a zombie that sums up what it takes to become you! Hell I would burst out of laughter in the entire dimension where everyone will know that these rants of your show how much you keep draining your mind and the senseless comebacks to know how much of a disabled whiny asswipe you will forever to be and still see that after your death! They will probably also mention how much your family used to drop shove you for all the failures of your education that went to the sewers and also reveal where you grew up after they gave you up for how much of a complete demented dick you became and may even also award you for all your hard work doing so all because of judging a groundbreaking quality iPad Pro that also helped prove why it's called 'Pro' and how you will never see it and in fact your so-called friends that were once friends can even see it more than you and still can't even learn from that either! HARHARHARHARHARHARHARHARHARHAR If you say you have a life, then you really don't because you want to screw yourself to death until you become nonexistent in which you will eventually will and continue to show your senseless act is becoming more of a could've would've should've wannabe claims goings below -100% sense making. Go back to your dimension already you god forsaken Jew! Just go back to where you were raised like a complete gullible shit you always will be where nothing you can do is ever good, no one will ever knew you ever lived, and no one will know to remember you the guy you were once were as if you were never born in existence anyway! Oh wait, you didn't have any friends, life, or education anyway so nothing achieved for you, just myths pulled out of your dreams and turned int ow hat you wish for never ever coming true and that's final! And if anyone finds you back in your dimension, they'll never know who was lying in the lazy ass place of yours because they'll never know who the guy lying in there even resembles! No one will ever want you anyway for the most careless ignorant self centered pile of crap in the human race nor will they ever give you a chance for or neither will they ever knew what they just did with you. It's like they knew it was a dream to like your existence! @idevice slow no one has turned shit into what I mentioned until you decided to rant about what you thought happened and is now getting the truth about what was just summed up to you to! I come here just to prove you a reality check, then you make all hell break loose when you sink to a newer level of disabled autistic people thinking I am the one to blame here, or just whine it off by ignoring what I have mentioned in detail countless times about you! I know all apple because I always see them succeed ever year is about the same. There's a reason we have foreshadowing, gullible fool, why do you think I se iPad as a real 'Pro'? Plus you're the one who's talking like nonsensical demented midget minded grammar. It's too much for you to handle, yet you just want the last laugh and it's never going to come just like everything else you expected! You're nothing but a downright broken crippled ugly hypocritical freak who is just jealous then whines like a tattle teller just to prove what he wishes to happen and that's the perfect example of what you is! A new definition of blind, deaf, and defending myths than ever before in the human race! The all time low of ignorant disabled dream pulling shit who false advertises everything compared to a virus attack in which you might as well be one since it's comment bait for you! Keep on dragging out nonsensical humor and parodies out of your ass all you want 24/7, but this drama demented drueling democracy is beyond lying like anyone will believe it immediately like claiming an incorrect math question to show how much of a smart ass wannabe you keep achieving to be that millions out there won't be fooled by this bull shit. You state what you wish and judge by what you thought it was. That's not opinion, that's saying what you think will happen. I was stating my opinion until you went fully overstated against my honest statements! That's how it works unlike your race in tricking anyone that will swallow shit just to be outsmarted in the end. It isn't working for me because I'm much smarter than you see! Take these hints lying here for you to understand before you end up like the guy who's becoming nonexistent than ever before you become him to. The only way you can keep what you wish to continue to be is by accepting what you continue to be until you learn to finally fck off even at the last minute of your life! Your wasted shit is helping others out there trying to make th apocalypse come sooner than expected all because of chances you don't try to give, but if that's how it works for you, so be it like a god forsaken uneducated basterd and crawl into the dimension of void where the guy above is waiting for you to crawl back to where you two took lessons from! I worry about your relatives, fiends, family, and whoever still may have hopes for you out there hoping you still have some smart decisions to make because you choose to keep coming back here to get screwed back to back to back until you know nothing no more! Otherwise, they'll regret the crap pile loaded rotten soul they brought you into which explains why you still are here! Do them a favor and turn back and forget this ever happened, or rest in piss you mind numbing brainwashed autistic shit!
Nat - September 14, 2015 at 6:17pm
Then what makes you think I'm a Prick then in the first place? Another thing to mention is no one is going to bother to prove shit like trying to claim why you thought existed because you have no proof but me! That's why you always pull shit and hoard it right out of your ass trying to make it exist to begin with for some loaded crap like you! I have a life because I take the time to know what I am saying even if it means writing a lot. Think about it like drawing on paper against me writing a book as big as the endless dimension. That shows the effort and prove I use that goes to show how you rush shit and don't have time to even fight back enough! I do this on the go business because I am rich and I travel unlike some people still hiding locked away like a prisoner who think they can skyrocket above me level once again, dreaming like a wannabe! You're such a dunce who loves to play cat and mouse. You don't do anything until I do and you try to follow my lessons of being wherever I a, now even if you bother to try to hunt me down! To be fair, no one gives a crap about you as I mentioned! I dare you to read what was concluded about you. Missing out on that like missing out on fun you would have had, but that's ok. I don't give a damn about what you do or whoever the fck cares about this wimpy washed up deranged obesity breakout syndrome you are shoving what you're made of down your throat desperate for attention by using most of what you have in your daily life and use it as the most useless unaffective replies anyone would ever laugh about for years to come trying to make up every last excuse possible just to praise himself over an innovative groundbreaking creative mind blowing iPad Pro and is too jealous about it if not too but hurt and does what he can to trick every innocent soul into falling for his biggest lies every written! That is anything but shit or ghetto compared to you! If you're so whiny and bratty about it, why don't you do yourself a favor and show me what you can do about it? Oh wait, you can't because the only thing you make it turd dropped in your mouth every time I prove what iPad Pro is and blindly ignorant that you don't have knowledge of how to fight back against a tablet made by a company that can innovate faster then a turd being spewed out by you! The same old gimmick of what people said about the iPad is the same outdated rant they recycle and can think of anything better to excuse quality over quantity here and that's the effort you put into this nonsensical shit of yours. You shouldn't be eating breath judging something you're too deaf and blind to understand difference here just like understanding you in general! That says a a lot here so fck your ass somewhere else or keep getting it screwed billions of times you thick shit! No one listens to your wannabe excuses here nor will they bother to comprehend that crap against reality here like complete loaded steaming crap. Go crawl into hell where you can rest in piss for all eternity that no one will ever know what happened to. The world will appreciate this favor they want you to do for such a lonely midget scrawny disabled mentally challenged infected crippled crap!
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 14, 2015 at 7:03pm
Ok, Nat that does it. Time to put you in your place. You talk all this stuff like you are some kind of know-it-all dev/engineer/police, let's see how much you really know you wanna-be. You wanna keep calling me "slow"? Little boy, I've earned the name "Pro", and have been doing this stuff since 2007, when the fruit company actually made stuff that mattered. Your minimal user-based knowledge means nothing to me. This talk of using this device paired with another one to accomplish so and so to make the iPad "Pro" do what it should do all by itself like you are some expert is just pure nonsense, much like your use of the English language. You say you know all this stuff and are such an expert, but I bet you don't even know what shell is. Do you even know how to use a mobile terminal app, or what it can really do? How about writing in Cocoa, Swift, or even Python? You're such an expert, but can you tell me what BL3.9 and BL4.6 were used for? Ever flashed a baseband to 6.15.00 and then to 5.13.04? Do you even know why you would want to do those flashes? Ever exploited another device using only your iPhone, mobile terminal, a few local files and ssh, no computer used at all? Do you even know what ssh is? Can you tell me why an activation lock can be removed from an A4 device, but not any other device via local exploit , and how to do it? Of course you haven't, and of course you can't. You are a wannbe. Let me get my hands on your web address and I'll show you who is the Pro and who is slow, little boy. I'll PWN you and make all of your devices useless. I would pay good money to share a network with you for just 10 minutes. Then we'd see who was slow. You see, the difference between you and I is that I understand these devices, and you simply use them. When I say the iPad "Pro" is garbage, you had better believe that it is. It has no edge over the latest model iPad in usability. It is a waste of time and money, much like you are a waste of skin. You're barking up the wrong tree, little boy. If you were wise, you would listen to the opinions and thoughts of an accomplished dev instead of talking your childish drivel all the time. But we all know that wise is the last thing you are, so stew in your useless knowledge and bathe in loneliness, because that's all you'll ever have besides your worthless devices which you don't even truly understand.
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 14, 2015 at 7:14pm
By the way, @Nat. Feel free to email me at theidevicepro at yahoo dot com. I could show you a few
cdiazff - September 14, 2015 at 7:38pm
Hahaha, at the end of the day you ain't worth fighting and talking shit too. Just like my pal down there said at the end of the day you are just using the iPad you don't understand the concept and how to run basically anything! Because you are just a worthless piece of shit that will never truly understand the meaning of how technology runs behind the screen. You base yourself off the pure specifications sheet which at the end of the day mean shit.. so if in the specification sheet it mentioned that the iPad has the ability to suck your dick at around 5mph would you buy it? Just because it says that? well me I would not because I have a lady that always sucks it but to you well since you can't ever have a normal life with a lady cause you are unattractive piece of shit of a prick well you probably would. I bet if the specs even said It is the best device to hack anybody it's the most professional device to ever hack any single system you'd buy it wouldn't you? They manipulate you and make you buy shit when first of all you aren't going to be able to use it because you don't know jack shit about it. Specifications don't mean shit because they make you think it's the shit by telling you and showing you all the things it can do and well I wanna see you try and do everything it does. But guess what you cant! You only use it like a 3 year old would cause that's all you KNOW HOW TO DO! you don't know how to code it write apps for and do all the programming shit like we both do cause at the end of the day I am a developer as well and a well known programmer. So shut the fck up already and get the fck out of here cause if anything our recommendations and comments are much more valuable than your piece of shits of "IPAD PRO IS THE GREATEST IPAD EVER" No it is not! It is shit! and this company is LOOSING ITS INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY AND ABILITY TO CREATE THE BEST TECHNOLOGY OUT THERE! Just watch when I create the next big thing I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND I WILL PERSONALLY MAKE YOU THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE CENTURY! WITH YOUR DUMB BULLSHIT RETARTED ASS MIND WAY OF THINKING! aint nobody trying to make you believe shit. you're just a retarted ass that wants US TO BELIEVE you are filthy rich and only TRAVEL. Yeah I believe you travel from stop light to stop light asking people for money cause you some poor bastard that can barely afford shit. you're probably even sucking dickks for money you poor bastard. get the fck out of here seriously already. like I said no one here likes you bro,. seriously. get a hint NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wants your ass here.
cdiazff - September 14, 2015 at 7:39pm
@iDevice Pro this guy thinks he can just talk shit to us huh? Not knowing a single shit.. I feel bad for whoever has to deal with his sorry ass everyday. He's already annoyed the hell out of me. Fck man, no joke. I give up in humanity if dumbass people keep giving birth to fck ups like this guy...
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 14, 2015 at 9:42pm
You're right @cdiazff...this Nat dude is a fu*king moron. Notice he didn't answer any of those questions? That's because he doesn't understand what he is using, just believes what Apple tells him. He's the worst kind of user, one that thinks he knows what he's talking about, but really has no clue. That just proves that his opinion on anything is pure shit. He talks all that big-boy shit, but he still hasn't sent me an email. Guess he knows
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 14, 2015 at 9:47pm
What's wrong @Nat? Scared? Thought you had a big VPN setup that protects you. You probably don't even know what VPN stands for much less how to set one up. I'm still waiting on that email. You can talk all the shit you want to, little boy, but at the end of the day, either put up or shut up. Email me, b!tch and we'll see who's slow and who's the pro. I noticed you didn't answer any of the questions I asked, either. That's because you don't know shit about the products you use, you idiot. Educate yourself and you'll see what a fool you're being...or better yet, keep supporting a company that is dying from its own greed, and sucking every penny they can out of stupid people like you. Fu*ktard.
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 14, 2015 at 10:52pm
Just as I figured, @Nat. You're all talk, no action. A big alligator mouth with a puppy dog ass. You scared little b!tch. Go run and tell mommy that the big bad iDevice Pro is picking on you, sissy. And while you're at it, write another novel as a post to talk more shit. Just another sign of your stupidity. It takes you 1000 words of shitty, grammatically incorrect, broken and incoherent English to say what you want to say, but only a couple of paragraphs for me to make my point. Furthermore, Apple as a company is on the way down, and dead in my book. The only thing they offer that I want is OS X and iOS. I'll gladly build a Hackintosh that I can make to my own specs that's purchase another Mac. Who needs all that kiddy play stuff that they offer now? Not me. I purchase my devices for what's under the hood and performance in mind...not because it's shiny and has all the bells and whistles. Shiny and new and bells and whistles are for children, I want a machine that performs. Keep your toys, little boy...this man needs a machine.
Nat - September 15, 2015 at 12:07am
He would be right if it was in his world where he gets all this unproven so-called facts he drags out of his ass like you welding in this world! You define moron crap like he does. You go by what you wish to happen then try to shove it down my throat. You don't understand what it takes to make good products or just have nothing better to compare if you want to excuse iPad Pro this desperately bad! You're probably the most hopeless student. Learning what it took to make good products until you threw it all away, one that expects shit to happen to the way you want it to be and never will be and just admit it, but you have no sense of it anymore nowadays! It all sums up your knowledge that was taken into a dark alley and strangled until it was gone for good like dumping what you once knew down the drain. Going fully midget on me just to be screwed. That's what you being a pro at is like! LAWL. What's the matter Mr. But hurt? Thought you were going to hack my system that you claimed to do! I don't see any hack whatsoever and I'm not ever on public wifi or any to be exact! Like I mentioned above, I travel and who knows where you can hunt me down! It's like trying to chase down an excuse to scrap off your ass for these gullible rants you keep pulling from and dreaming like it happened! You don't even have a damn idea how I got VPN in the first place! Try to wrap your head around that! You can find the email yourself if you're that blind and deaf going your way! If you wanted my email, it's too late to get to anyway, but what's going to change anyway? You'll find more ways to spread your shit as if you wanted to spread your dumps all over your base! Either take it like a reality check or keep this streak of your existence up! Keep creating more nonexistent plot holes you can wish it to be real all you want. It will never ever change what I proven about you countless times. You didn't answer my questions to from what you thought was going on and still saying a hell lot! Try to hack as you wanted to ta loaded crap of a pussies son then that will prove the pro you expected to be! The more you don't answer my questions prove the milestone of idiot it takes to know one like you! Get the sense to understand what I am saying since I came here then you'll know how much sense it all makes and adds up to why you assume every last myth you drag out and proves every last thing mentioned about you being a master troll and retarded disabled fcker, or to be exact, praise the shit out of your master that brainwashed you to b1tch over a company that still stands, grows, and proves to show what it takes to make pro products you can't comprehend from its success even if it was bigger than what Jobs did and how jealous you are to ignore it, and continued to suck our fed up lives out like they did to me and improved it over smart geniuses like me, you shit spewer! I was busy with something else I do in my life btw. You think I give up so easily. I was playing your favorite game cat and mouse just t o prove what you thought happened! Not doing thing is considered in action that I wouldn't be so disabled to do like you! A jackass for language. You whiny puny midget fck! Go weld your parents into this to show what a blind ape dunce you grown into and can drop kick you to hell, pussy! In the mean time, write more nonsensical dreams that your parents can ROFL for the rest of the human race until the very end of the world! Yet another way to sum up what I concluded about you all this time with disabilities and your autistic gimmicks! You'll come back for more but hurt millions of comebacks later and still swallow your own shit just to make any more nonexistent myths for how long you can possibly hope to go with brainwashed uneducated alien coded non comprehensive dysfunctional poisonous drooling bull shit and try to turn it into a fact! Just another way of proving the milestone you hope parents won't be surprised about on your record of being the number death wish you are slowly surely aging into only to forever prove and sum up the truth and facts of mine no matter what you ignore, and to be clear, Apple is skyrocketing to this day, and forever a legacy that is well known for real achievements in history of success! The only thing that makes it simple and is still enough to outpace rivals trying to be them just like the first iPhone which still says a damn lot about Steve being here or not, same way either way anyway possible. One blind deaf soul like you against billions on app,ls side won't change that ever! You can build a Mac that will only achieve quantity over quality. Btw, this so-called kiddie stuff they do is much of a step up. There's a reason it's used in businesses and it's professional for a reason and that's still beyond what is offered that's not the slightest bit kiddie shit!. The only stuff you'll ever want is hipster crap and try to compare it to a beastly machine that I own just to prove how much gullible you may I remind you, possibly can achieve. Keep your outdated shit, hipster midget! I have real machines that show real effort compared to lonely wannabe engineers like you!
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 15, 2015 at 4:37am
Put up or shut up, b!tch. Email me. See what happens. Try me. What's the matter, scared? Or is it that you KNOW I can do what I'm telling you I'll do? You talk all this shit, put your money where your mouth is and send that email...then we'll see who's slow and who's pro, little boy.
Nat - September 15, 2015 at 4:40am
How about put your promise where your mind was where you mentioned hacking. Or are you no so pro as your mojo ever was? I'm still waiting!
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 15, 2015 at 4:41am
You keep posting these ridiculously long posts where you rant in your incoherent style of broken English, but that's all you're good for. Poor English and grammatically incorrect shit-talking. You're like a one-armed man trying to box Mike Tyson comparing you to me, little boy. Your shills and knowledge are infantile at best compared to mine. And your English is just plain f*cking ridiculous. Get a Rosetta Stone disc or something you f*cktard. Oh...and I'm waiting on that email....if you want hacked...send you don't...
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 15, 2015 at 4:43am
Send that email And you'll see a hack b!tch
Nat - September 15, 2015 at 4:48am
Says the guy raised from his world introduced to it in the first place and is always good at discovering something new he has the balls to claim he can comprehend it like he learned something out of nowhere like it magically happened! Mind numbing nonsensical rants self centered about being right even if it's not the slightest bit! You're like a newbie trying to fight against wwe hulk overconfident thick shit, puny midget. Your gibberish deranged foolishness is beyond a comedian stand up act compared to a real truth speaker that has been here long that you. You're sense you keep trying to clear up only stirs up more confusion into making twice the plot holes. Buy some kinder cards so you can start from scratch, ass wipe! Oh and I thought you said you were going to do anything to hack me even other than getting my email. You want to risk it? Get it yourself like Indiana jones unless you don't know the right gear for the right job for a man. Betcha can't figure it oouuuttt!
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 15, 2015 at 4:54am
That's what I thought. Scared. I don't blame be scared of me, too if I were you. Then again, if I were you I would shoot myself in the face and make the rest of the world happy that I was finally gone. Here...I'll give you my email address again. It's theidevicepro at yahoo dot com. C' me, dude. Don't let your nuts lock up on you now. I said I would hack you if you sent an email. You said you doubt my skills. I'm here telling you to send me that email so I can PROVE my skills and rid this site if you for a while. Don't back down now, you cowardly little b!tch.
cdiazff - September 15, 2015 at 4:03pm
Hey @iDevicePro I finally figured out why this fcktard is defending the living hell out of this fcked up company.. Its cause he's Tim Cook's bitch! Tim has him sucking his d*ck everyday! And if he doesnt defend his company he's getting an ass whooooopinn from his daddy and he's scared of Tim! Pooor guy. Now I understand why you defend it so much. Although if I was in ur position I would be a man and beat the shit out of Tim Cook and make him my bitch.. Well but them again if you like sucking his d*ck and getting fcked right in the ass he wouldnt complain about it! Hahahaha lol. Poor dude! He didnt even answer what VPN stands for. Just straight up goes to the simplest answer that can make us think he knows what a VPN is but innreality doesnt. Hahahahaha funny fck tard shit lol
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 15, 2015 at 5:55pm
LMFAO!!!!! You said it exactly right, @cdiazff...maybe that explains all the traveling he does...follows his homo lover around the world giving him BTW, @Nat...I'm still waiting for that email you punk b!tch...
cdiazff - September 15, 2015 at 8:23pm
Hahhaha;P Just give up bro @iDevicePro He's not gonna email you or anything. He's just a cowardly fcking pussy ass b*tch that hides behind his computer talking all this shit.. He's scared cause he already gets it as it is right up his ass from Daddy Timmy.. So pathetic and ridicule joke of a human being..
cdiazff - September 16, 2015 at 4:15pm
Hahahaha @iDevicePro I guess I did guess is job title cause he's too afraid to respond back!! Lol hahahahahahaha!!!!!
Nat - September 16, 2015 at 4:18pm
Or I can keep playing your game of cat and mouse just to show how much irony you guys never fail to make! LAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD I am afraid of nothing FYI!
cdiazff - September 16, 2015 at 7:48pm
But only afraid to Timmy? If you dont defend his sucky fcked up creating of iPad pro he beats the shit out of you and fcks u up the ass harder than normal right? He goes 50 shades up your ass? Yeah sure we all know you aint afraid but only afraid to that and the truth.. Lol if thats how you laugh in person too you have such a fcked up laugh lol.. Boy no wonder you cant get pussy but dick only lol!!!!
Nat - September 16, 2015 at 8:18pm
Not even afraid of that either, but if you don't keep up you're job, you won't share your shoving without your gay boy always there to help you protect your rotten dumping gibberish rants of yours like a complete deranged gullible uneducated soulless devil who could care less about understanding a pro and scratch his c-men against his diminished brain! You know how much of a fact that is about your life you dream of having it better but don't bother but to hide in your basement and recycle the dump you consume even if you fck it up bad to! LAWL even if you try to have the balls to prove yourself better, you'd be humiliated in a flash! Quadriple Lawlolawl! I can see why you become this straight up bum drop kicked into the streets begging for your wannabe life to c*m right out of your ass and can't pick up one to shove that either! LAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLOLAWLXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
cdiazff - September 18, 2015 at 8:58pm
HAHAHAHA:P Buddy just admit that you are AFRAID!!!!! dead AFRAID you slimy piece of shit!
Nat - September 18, 2015 at 9:01pm
Afraid of what? You admitting what a soured scrotum you are? Like I said, not afraid of anything. Not afraid of the shit you spread either! Not even afraid of keeping this never ending cat fight HARHARHARHARHARHARHARHARHARHAR
Da Desire
Da Desire - September 11, 2015 at 6:11pm
Nat my dear friend its either your working for apple since i could think of no other intelligible reason for you to say what your saying cause if money is not the cause of your delusion then i really feel sorry for you. And i am glad the rest of us are on the same page. Ditch ipad pro, we want OS X for ipad
Da Desire
Da Desire - September 11, 2015 at 6:33pm
The competition is way ahead, with its intel chips, palm block technology, 3rd party apps, easy share thru USB and much much more. Who needs a stupid ipad and a mac, you end up spending more even twice when you could just buy a surface and make life easy. Tab on the go and laptop when you need it. Running full windows.. Just WOW!!!
Nat - September 11, 2015 at 6:38pm
I'm not the slightest bit delusional like you! If you want OS X that bad, get the MacBook. It may not be at valet but it's enough to have even with extra keys on the keyboard and ports. I ditched windows since 8 and never looked back. The competition isn't that are ahead with features even if it is upgrades, but this is still optional in battery upgrades, ssd for Mac, kits designed for Mac and iPhone along with the tools to make even more especially with x code, and much more. Who needs cheap surface trying to be a 2-in-1 when it can focus on features that don't render most of them useless and be new about them like Apple. Tablet that can work and have the power of the computer with the apps from a computer all on iOS... BAM!!!!!
Nas - September 11, 2015 at 4:54pm
I would buy an iPad if it runs OSX on it, other than that it's useless for me since i have an iPhone. Might cost more than an actual mac. Hopefully they do it though.
Nat - September 11, 2015 at 5:05pm
A MacBook is what OS X was designed and made for. iOS is what touch screens were made for. What is so useless about not having OS X for iPad? That's like wanting OS X for an iPhone.
chrisdf - September 11, 2015 at 5:17pm
I back you up 100% @nas I expected that from them but they don't know what "innovation" is anymore since steve jobs past away. This company is going to die sooner or later.
Nas - September 12, 2015 at 4:06am
@Nat idk why your pissed, that's what i think. Plus as a developer i would definitely use an iPad running OS X on it. The Apple Pencil would make more sense for designers and it will help developers become more creative if they only knew basic designing techniques.
Nat - September 12, 2015 at 4:11am
This guy just tries to fool me all he wants, but about that pencil, what not to like about it? What else to add to make it work better when it works like no other digital pen before?
Nas - September 12, 2015 at 1:04pm
Imagine designers using that pencil in photoshop or sketch or any other software that's similar but not on the App Store, even if it is on the app store you can do limited stuff using it.
Nat - September 12, 2015 at 1:09pm
Up until Microsoft updated their stuff to work with it, heck who knows what apps were used in the iPad pro video showing off his the pen works. Eventually, almost all drawing apps will be updated to work with the apple pencil. Think about I.
SethKnowles - September 11, 2015 at 3:02pm
Whatever. The iPhone still has garbage battery and now it's even smaller. I hope that they didn't reduce it so the next model they can say it's 30% larger than the 6S. This would still mean it's garbage since the battery got smaller as opposed to larger. I'm disappointed. I'll wait and see if they give us a real battery next year.
More like...
More like... - September 11, 2015 at 3:08pm
Until iOS 9'tJes advantage of making battery efficient along with portable chargers you can charge with it that don't require wall outlets at all! No seriously, this helps the quality battery life last longer and proves how much more improved batteries can get no matter the size.
Cedeño66 - September 11, 2015 at 4:12pm
Insont really care what they use or how they do it. I just want a real long last battery. I doubt however that it's solved from the operating system alone. Although no doubt that can improve a small part of the crappy battery issue. Why couldn't they have kept it the same size and improve it with iOS 9. That would've really been something be what do I know?
Nat - September 11, 2015 at 5:00pm
ios 9 gives you much more space to free up, so imagine how much it will do for battery, besides it's the parts in the iPad that need enough room even for bigger battery.
angela bennett
angela bennett - September 11, 2015 at 2:07pm
people don't understand that what really matters is the app store. a surface can have keyboard, trackpad etc but at the end it is only a hybrid with only a few apps to play with. an ipad has many apps superior to those from microsoft.
Da Desire
Da Desire - September 11, 2015 at 2:11pm
Yes, what people dont understand is that they dont need a pathetic app store to download or depend on one company to download apps. They can download anything from the entire web. This in itself should give an edge and make the surface much superior than the ipad which requires you to have an account with apple before you could even begin to run your device.
Nat - September 11, 2015 at 2:20pm
1. You can choose to skip account creating. /. You do realize downloading from the Internet carries the malware with it. 3. App Store has anything even flash based browsers if I wanted flash which makes another step forward to iPad and it's apps.
Da Desire
Da Desire - September 11, 2015 at 3:22pm
Nat my dear dear friend, what good is an ipad without an apple ID and yes your right, apple is so worried about its consumers that the entire reason it built an app store was to save us from malware and not make millions for the percentage that it gets from developers. And yes im sure everybody that you know is so thrilled for having run flash on their ipads. But for the rest of us we want a device that just works the way we want it to, to be able to share our stuff with our friends irrespective of what brand they use and not having to worry about whether an update from the manufacturer will make our device slow or even obsolete. At least the rest of us do not want to be a victum of willful blindness.
Nat - September 11, 2015 at 3:32pm
The irony of willful blindness. If you want it that bad, jailbreak already! You're all sitting around waiting for the company to make that move, but to send anything to friends? It's not like apple is spying on your privacy. Slowish and obselets updates? You got to be joking. The more newer iPhones get, they skyrocket with more performance that work perfect with iOS 9. If anything, slower old iPhones despite build quality use more older slower iOS versions.
Da Desire
Da Desire - September 11, 2015 at 1:11pm
Ipad pro sucks. I mean who would want to buy an iphone with a bigger screen. I and the other sensible bunch would rather go for surface pro 3 or wait for the lastest surface than but this pathetic device that runs a mobile operating software.
Nat - September 11, 2015 at 1:17pm
You're just jealous! This is not an iPhone with a bigger screen. Why do you think it's this big for a reason. Your rant is like saying "why buy a tv when you have a phone?" I'd rather spend money on real innovation than throw it on sluggish weak generic computer wannabe.
Da Desire
Da Desire - September 11, 2015 at 1:27pm
I am amazed how childish do you think the people reading your comments are.And i am more amazed that you think that anyone person could be jealous of a company. I am a concerned consumer and i want my money's worth which i dont see in current apple products. Their upgrade rate is too sluggish, the features they offer now have been offered by other companies months if not years before. And knowing all this and if anyone who is aware of ground facts, that person could not in their mind label my comment as jealously.
Da Desire
Da Desire - September 11, 2015 at 2:08pm
What would have been true innovation for apple is putting their Mac OS in that 13 inch screen and i for one would have definitely bought that device. But for now we can just hope that apple comes back to the ground and see what people really need instead of shoving their products that THEY think we need down our throats. But then again since its apple we are talking about, it seems a hope against hope. Maybe they will will realize and build us what we need once they have tried everything else.
Nat - September 11, 2015 at 2:14pm
I'm blown at how much your comment defies childish compared to mine. At least I am comparing with reasoning. Besides, what's so sluggish about features that were JUST revealed, plus not to mention Apple makes stuff a step up copied or not since it's coded differently but in the end just works. Asking for stuff that's not really that important like that it like adding iPad pro capabilities to the phone. That's an example of what OS X on an iPad would be like. Imagine trying to code the key function into the iPad, or better yet, who needs a mouse anyway? Apple doesn't really shove anything down our throats if they don't force you to buy their products ya know.
My Ballss
My Ballss - September 11, 2015 at 2:17pm
Why comment then? Because your buthurt? You can't even afford a surface to begin with.
Developer - September 11, 2015 at 12:50pm
So dumb , Apple had the Patent on this before Microsoft came out with the keyboard. Not too mention Apple made it better. The artist sounds bitter. Even worse is that iClarified even posted this. #lame
Great - September 11, 2015 at 9:04am
This is but version 1 of the iPad pro. Apple plays the long game. Their main aim is to make the production cost of their CPUs and other components to go down, then the MacBook Air and etc will switch to using them instead of Intel. Apple's Cpu will suddenly leapfrog Intel's and surprise everyone again.
Ola - September 11, 2015 at 8:48am
As for now, the era of new idea is becoming saturated the genius just have to copy. Less we forget the power of third party apps, iPad pro will rock with its iOS by pushing the limits. Who is gonna be the winner is no question.
Nat - September 11, 2015 at 12:44pm
Less we also forget not a copy in any way. Not just any regular keyboard that doesn't even have a mouse, not just another regular pen that works on some regular touchscreen, and not just any case.
Raul - September 11, 2015 at 6:16am
Right now apple has no vision for the future. They just followup with some product that their rivals bring out. There is no real market for ipad pro IMO. Surface runs the full windows OS whereas ipad pro runs just iOS. So i dont see apple has a point in creating ipad 'pro'. The only thing is they now have a 13" screen that is portable. Down the road i predict apple to change the apple watch face to round shape. Only Products conceived in steve jobs era (iphone,mac, ipad,ipod) are still doing well and nothing much.
Forrest - September 11, 2015 at 11:57am
U're right man, no vision for the future at all.
Nat - September 11, 2015 at 12:41pm
Or the fact you don't give a shit to realize how better Apple did it! Follow up of every product my ass. It's not slapping a keyboard that doesn't even have a mouse or any pen for this tablet. Why have windows desktop mode? The touchscreen renders the mouse useless. Why use that to position over something when I can easily tap the screen at my own fingertips. iPad 'pro' has the power of a desktop that has desktop apps to run on it. Say what you want, but apple defies how everything is for everything they made Jobs or not, and that says a lot.
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 11, 2015 at 5:06pm
This is exactly what I have been saying since Mr. Jobs left this earth. Apple is on the way down. Just like Disney has bastardized my childhood love-Star Wars-Tim Cook is bastardizing Apple. A corporate sell-out. Make as much money as they can in any way they can and flood the market with several models of the same unit. Take ideas that Jobs was staunchly against, like a budget-priced iPhone (iPhone 5(c)), and make them. Jobs was against these products for a reason. They aren't what Apple used to be about. Apple used to be about innovation and putting the customers first. All that has changed now, and it breaks my heart.
Nat - September 11, 2015 at 5:15pm
You couldn't be any more neglected. Your criticizing a company that has always promised innovation and their effort even without a jobs. Say what you want about that, it doesn't change how apple went above Jobs' work, it doesn't change how apple keeps on blowing our minds away, but most of all they continue to go beyond last years' success. Apple is a corporation all time success Jobs or not. They made the Mac Pro like jobs would have done compared to the one he made, apple listens to customers about bringing bigger screen for example and has a reason for that compared to OS X, but they continue to do what no one else does best. Jobs wasn't against something that was way ahead of his death. What makes you think he would be against something that is related to the work of the iPod. It makes sense to make the 5c because even that iPhone did well in most areas. Most people used to be right about apple like you and it's mind boggling to see how brainwashed you can possibly be to believe that.
The iDevice Pro
The iDevice Pro - September 12, 2015 at 1:16am
I see your English hasn't improved,
Nat - September 12, 2015 at 1:48am
Please, your grammar defies no knowledge! Lawlolawl
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