Apple Makes Improvements to iTunes Connect Including the Ability to Manage Multiple Accounts

Apple Makes Improvements to iTunes Connect Including the Ability to Manage Multiple Accounts

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Apple has announced numerous improvements to iTunes Connect including provider switching, app-specific user roles, sales and trends updates, and more.

New Features:
● Provider Switching
● App-Specific User Roles
● TestFlight Updates
● Parallax Previewer and Parallax Exporter (Beta)
● Sales and Trends Updates
● New Shopping Category
● Provider Switching
● If you access multiple iTunes Connect providers with your Apple IDs, you will now be able to link all of your providers to one Apple ID. After you’ve enabled your Apple ID to access each provider, you’ll be able to switch between them on iTunes Connect. To get started, go to Users and Roles on iTunes Connect.

App-Specific User Roles
We’ve introduced new and updated existing user roles in Users and Roles, so you can better manage your team’s access to your apps on iTunes Connect:

● App Manager: Submit apps for review, change the price and availability, and invite users and testers to access the same apps that they have access to.
● Developers: Upload binaries, manage TestFlight testers, and review the app metadata.
● Marketers: Edit metadata, upload promo art, and request promo codes.
● Sales: Access Sales and Trends and App Analytics for the apps they have access to.

TestFlight Updates
To make your TestFlight experience even better, we’ve made some significant changes. You can now invite up to 2000 external testers and up to 25 internal testers per app. You can also test up to 100 apps at the same time for up to 60 days, and submit up to 6 updates per day to your external testers.

Additionally, we’ve now made TestFlight on tvOS available to everyone. Invite internal and external testers to test your tvOS apps using TestFlight on Apple TV. To get started, send your invites from My Apps on iTunes Connect. Your testers can then accept the invite and install builds with the TestFlight app for Apple TV.

Parallax Previewer and Parallax Exporter (Beta)
Icons for tvOS apps require layered images for the new parallax effect on the new Apple TV. Use the Parallax Exporter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop to preview and export a layered image. Use Parallax Previewer to assemble individual image layers from PNG files and preview the parallax effect, or preview layered images exported by the Parallax Exporter plug-in.

Sales and Trends Updates
Sales and Trends Top Content and our reports now include Apple TV and we’ve also updated our Product Type Identifiers in the reports. You can find out more about these changes in the Sales and Trends Guide in Resources and Help.

We’ve also released a new tool called Reporter. With Reporter, you can download reports for one or more providers at the same time. If you want to learn more about Reporter, check our Reporter and Autoingestion Guide.

New Shopping Category
The new Shopping category is now available in all App Store territories. With the new category, it’s now even easier for iOS users to find and enjoy apps that enhance the shopping experience. You can choose the Shopping category for your new apps and app updates in My Apps on iTunes Connect.

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Apple Makes Improvements to iTunes Connect Including the Ability to Manage Multiple Accounts

PeterHK - March 5, 2016 at 6:38am
And whats up with this shitty java binary always.. First autoingestion and now Reporter.. Just document the API for sanity sake.. Going into the JAR to figure out the new API endpoint and required params is a pain...
James Northwood - February 4, 2016 at 9:58am
First of all, I applaud any efforts for improvement. But to be honest, it is still a stinking pile of ****. If you compare Itunes Connect to Google Play Developer Console it is like going back in time, to the 90's. * You can't update an app's Store info without create a new app submission. * Can't upload more than 2 screenshots at time * itunes-connect and Apple Developer website are two distinct entities * Itunes in app purchasing configuration takes you to a HUGE price tier matrix table * the list goes on. They may be good on the consumer facing sites, but developers get very little love from their overlords.