Samsung is Planning to Copy Apple's 'Live Photos' for the Galaxy S7

Samsung is Planning to Copy Apple's 'Live Photos' for the Galaxy S7

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Samsung is planning to unveil a feature similar to Apple's Live Photos for the Galaxy S7, reports AndroidGeeks.

A source tells the site that the feature is still in development. Although Samsung is planning to launch it with the Galaxy S7, it could arrive in a later software update. The feature has been called by various names from Timeless Photo to Vivid Photo, a combination between 'vivid memory' and 'photo'.

Unlike Live Photos, Samsung's Vivid Photo apparently does not capture sound. This would let users share the Vivid Photo to various sites as GIFs, without requiring special integration.

Notably, Samsung is also said to be updating the Galaxy S7 with a 3D Touch-like pressure sensitive display.

Are you surprised that Samsung is bringing these features to its upcoming device? Will it make a difference to customers? Let us know what you think in the comments...

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Samsung is Planning to Copy Apple's 'Live Photos' for the Galaxy S7

reallysa - January 15, 2016 at 6:57am
This feature (regarding the animated image capture regardless of what the companies decide to name them) has existed in Samsung phones in camera modes for 3 generations and if the author of this opinion piece did a bit more research, it would make the iclarified article easier to stomach. Apple and Samsung have both great tech to offer but my Edge plus put my 6s to shame in image output, file use/ sharing and screen quality. If/when apple raises their game and makes reall improvements beyond offering different color options (mostly feminine but nothing wrong with that as I'm sure females are the chosen target for Apple marketing) I will take another look.
Great - January 15, 2016 at 8:56am
Yes Samsung is still going to copy Apple by making it work the same way as Apple. This is not discounting that Samsung may have made it work first, the way it is presented and sold to the consumer may be different. Now that Apple has made a thing out of it, Samsung will still be seen as a copier of Apple. That's reality. Too bad. Suck it up!
PaulieP - January 15, 2016 at 9:20am
You're talking about with apps which has been around in the App Store much longer. That feature has never been native to the Samsung layer. Know your stuff buddy, your information is false. Regarding photos, that is a matter of opinion for you vs statics posted on iClarified. I'm not hating or siding with Apple only, but facts are facts and they need to be set straight. Cheers
yas9in - January 15, 2016 at 4:52am
Frankly I think this is a stupid feature. One that no one ever uses. It was part of the reason why I did not swap my perfectly good 6 for a 6S, because it seemed all Apple had to offer was 3D touch and Live Photos which are both useless features. In any case, with all smartphone displays gaining the ability to sense force, it was obvious that other vendors were going to look for ways to use that feature and it's not at all unsurprising that instead of inventing something new, Samsung are once again electing to copy Apple. As an Apple user, I'm proud that Apple is still innovative enough to draw copying from Samsung, even if that innovation seems useless to me. If I were a Samsung user however, I think I would like to see samsung implement something better than apple for once, there is a lot of room for improvement in live photos, and this whole 3D touch technology, and perhaps Samsung can be the one to go one step further than apple and perhaps even force Apple's hand into doing some true innovation. I think that in the past two years, smartphones have reached a point where there aren't that many new features for companies to add. I'm very Interested to see how this turns out seeing as it is currently the only good feature apple could think of adding to its phone. Nonetheless, the competition in smartphones and the booming rise in their sales is bound to slowly decrease in the next few years as they become normal and as companies struggle to find new features to add to their phones I expect the competition is going to shift to other services such as Music and content where no one can deny apple already has the lead and so, samsung is already destined for failure because in their blind copying if the product, they have forgotten completely about the infrastructure and the whole ecosystem of their products. I expect them to clamour to sign some quickly negotiated, deals with some content companies and for them to launch uncompleted services trying to compete with iTunes and apple Music, services which will be terrible failures. Just wait for Samsung Music or SamTunes.
Bielawski - January 15, 2016 at 4:50am
Of course, Apple didn’t invent the idea of short moving images. HTC offered a similar feature of its own called Zoe starting with the One (M7), and Windows Phone has long offered a similar feature. Whether Samsung jumps onboard as well remains to be seen
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