Spark Email App for Mac Gets Labels, Improved Folders and Search, More

Spark Email App for Mac Gets Labels, Improved Folders and Search, More

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Readdle has updated its Spark email app for Mac with Labels, improved Folders and Search, and other enhancements.

Email has taken too much time from people. Spark gives time back to all those who live by their inbox. Quickly see what’s important and clean up the rest.

What's New In This Version:
Spark for Mac 1.2 is a massive upgrade that brings order to your inbox. Labels, folders, smart search and dozens of other improvements will make you love email again.

● Introducing Labels. We know how powerful labels can be while managing a busy/shared inbox. We believe that we’ve finally found the best solution; so, if you're using labels in your workflow, please go to Preferences > enable 'Show Labels in list.'

● Reinvented Folder Management to put your inbox in order. You can choose which folders are displayed on the sidebar and reorder folders with drag and drop.

● Extensive Folder management options: Color Tags, Recents, Favorites and Smart Folders with natural language filters (i.e. “Emails from Alex with PDF files”).

● Added Message count for Folders. This feature will be especially useful if you’re using mail rules to sort your emails. Now you can see how many unread emails you have in each folder. To enable this feature, go to Preferences > Message count for other folders > New Emails/All Emails.

● Improved Smart Search. You can use “OR” to get results from several emails or several folders at the same time (e.g. just type “from or’).

● Draft emails can be saved manually now
● Contacts suggestions in the “To” field work much better now
● Redesigned BCC options in Settings.

The Team has also FIXED a lot of stuff to make your email experience even better:
- Fixed an issue with old emails not loading
- Fixed an issue with Japanese characters
- Fixed the crash while customizing a Touch Bar
- Fixed the issue with Return button when moving an email
- Fixed the issue with color coding when ‘None’ is selected
- Fixed Reply All shortcut issue
- Fixed UI issue with labels in mail list
- Fixed rare crashes in Smart Inbox settings
- Fixed signature appearance issue
- Fixed email drag and drop behavior
- Fixed search suggestions issue
- Fixed crash on message deletion
- Fixed issues with some HTML emails
- Fixed Drafts saving
- The launch speed is now faster than ever!
- Fixed memory consumption and CPU usage issues

You can download Spark from the App Store for free.


Lawrence Stevens - March 15, 2017 at 10:00pm
If even half of the stuff mentioned in the post, below, on Reddit is true, there's no way I'd use Spark Email. ++++++++++++++++++++ Do NOT use the Spark email client by Readdle (self.privacy) submitted 3 months ago * by theKovah I just saw a post on Twitter praising the new Spark email client by Readdle, currently "Editors Choice" on the Apple App Store. I'm always interested in new, good looking apps but I was just shocked about this app and on how all the users just think that it's perfectly good to use this app. Direct link to the privacy policy TL;DR • Sends statistical data to several services known for bad privacy policies (Google, Facebook), also there's no way to opt out. • Automatically creates an acount (sic) with the first address entered and subscribes you to their newsletter. • Stores credentials for your email accounts on their servers. • Stores your emails on their servers to push them to your devices. • Server infrastructure seems to be located in the US. Just the first few points "General Statistical Information" and "Personal Information" make me shake my head. Spark connects to several services like Google Analytics, Facebook and Amplitude and send statistical data: We use third party services, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and Amplitude, to collect and analyze how you use Spark. The first email you add to Spark is used as your username. We might use that email address to reach out to you periodically with information about features, updates, announcements or to request your feedback. So, whatever address you enter, you subscribe to a newsletter without even knowing it. As stated in the policy you can only unsubscribe by contacting the support which leads to another problem: We may use this email to contact you later with updates about your request, with information about related features and other announcements. So, another newsletter then? We then use the authorization provided to download your emails to our virtual servers and push to your device. Huge downside, even if the policy states that the emails are stored encrypted. Also, even if some information is stored encrypted, the server infrastructure seems to be located in the US. I think I don't have to tell you what this means... Edit: this is the most important thing. They say they encrypt the credentials but they use them to retrieve your emails from the servers. This is kind of an opposition until Readdle discloses how this is working without breaking the encryption. Conclusion: Use another email client!