Sketch Integrates Apple's Official iOS UI Kit

Sketch Integrates Apple's Official iOS UI Kit

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The popular Sketch vector graphics editing app has announced the integration of Apple's official iOS UI Kit.

Apple’s design templates have always been the gold standard when it comes to iOS design resources and the obvious go-to when designing for iPhone or iPad. We’re really excited to say that we’ve integrated Apple’s iOS 11 design template into Sketch, and can now offer this invaluable resource as a built-in Library.

The Apple iOS UI library includes everything, from tab bars and status bars to buttons and switches, ready to be inserted into your latest designs. You can download the Apple iOS UI Library from the Libraries tab in Preferences and, when Apple updates their Document, you’ll be notified and can update your designs to the latest version.

Sketch 49 also introduces Prototyping and new ways to share Libraries via Sketch Cloud. More details at the link below...

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Sketch Integrates Apple's Official iOS UI Kit
Fetch_wannabe - March 2, 2018 at 5:42am
Nice addition. If they would only introduce some useful type tools I would pony up get myself a copy.