Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 56 [Download]

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 56 [Download]

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Apple has released Safari Technology Preview 56, an update to its browser for those wanting to try the latest web technologies.

Get a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS and experiment with these technologies in your websites and extensions.

What's New:
● JavaScript
○Implemented Intl.PluralRules

● WebAssembly
○ Added support for stream APIs

● Web API
○ Fixed event listener removal to be immediate
○ Fixed DHTML drag operations to report the number of files in the operation
○ Fixed window.postMessage(), window.focus(), and window.blur() unexpectedly throwing a TypeError
○ Serialized font-variation-settings with double-quotes to match standards
○ Stopped using the id of an iframe as fallback if its name attribute is not set

● Security
○ Added support for the WHATWG proposed From-Origin:same and From-Origin:same-site response headers with nested frame origin checking as an off by default experimental feature
○ Fixed CSP referrer for a document blocked due to a violation of its frame-ancestors directive
○ Fixed CSP status-code for a document blocked due to a violation of its frame-ancestors directive
○ Fixed CSP to pass the document’s referrer
○ Fixed CSP to only notify Web Inspector to pause the debugger on the first policy to violate a directive
○ Fixed a bug causing first-party cookies to be blocked on redirects

○ Fixed CSS filters which reference SVG filters to respect the color-interpolation-filters of the filter
○ Fixed feTurbulence to render correctly on a Retina display
○ Fixed shape-outside and filter styles occuring twice in the result of getComputedStyle

● Rendering
○ Changed font collection fragment identifiers to use PostScript names
○ Fixed selecting text on a webpage causing the text vanish
○ Fixed hiding then showing an object of type image to ensure the underlying image is displayed

● Media
○ Changed MediaStreams that are playing to allow removing some of its tracks
○ Updated text track cue logging to include cue text

● Web Inspector
○ Improved the user experience in Canvas tab to show progress bars while processing actions in a new recording
○ Ensured that tabbing through the last section of rules in the Styles editor wraps back to the first section of rules
○ Fixed Console drawer resizing when the console prompt has more than one line of code
○ Fixed unsupported properties that sometimes don’t get warnings just after adding them
○ Updated the Canvas tab to determine functions by looking at the prototype

Safari Technology Preivew 56 can be downloaded from the link below.


Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 56 [Download]