Apple Posts New 'Behind the Mac' Ads [Video]

Apple Posts New 'Behind the Mac' Ads [Video]

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Apple has posted a new 'Behind the Mac' series of ads featuring individuals who use their Macs to create.

Take a look at the first four ads below!

Behind the Mac - Grimes
Using a Mac as a portable recording studio allows Grimes to make music on her own terms.
Learn more about making music on Mac at

Behind the Mac - Peter Kariuki
Entrepreneur and app developer Peter Karikui coded SafeMotos on his Mac. The app connects passengers with safe motorcycle taxi drivers across Rwanda.

Behind the Mac - Bruce Hall
As a photographer who is legally blind, Bruce Hall edits and retouches photos behind his Mac. With the help of accessibility features, Bruce can see the world around him.

Behind the Mac - Apple
Behind the Mac people are making wonderful things and so could you.