Anki Vector Smart Robot On Sale for 30% Off [Deal]

Anki Vector Smart Robot On Sale for 30% Off [Deal]

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The Anki Vector smart robot is on sale today for 30% off. That brings its price down from $249.99 to $174.99.

The company says Vector is the closest the world has come to the quest for an affable useful home robot inspired by characters like R2-D2 from “Star Wars,” and Rosie in “The Jetsons.

Vector is the company’s first fully autonomous, always-on home robot with a rich personality that is also a helpful companion. Being cloud-connected and packing an impressive amount of technology in a small form, Vector is a living character and an evolving consumer robotics platform that will continually expand for years to come. One of the first major updates Anki has planned for the end of the year will be the ability to speak with Amazon Alexa via Vector, allowing you to hear the news, ask questions, control smart home devices and more.

Anki Vector Smart Robot On Sale for 30% Off [Deal]

● Vector’s brain is built on a Qualcomm Technologies’ platform which provides the connectivity, computing, camera, and on-device A.I. capabilities that Vector needs to be smart, approachable, and autonomous – without having to be tethered to a phone or requiring a permanent cloud connection.
● Vector is outfitted with an HD camera with 120° ultra-wide field of view that allows him to see the world, recognize people in the room, as well as learn the names of people he sees.
● Vector uses an array of four microphones to hear and detect commands from you and your family and friends around the home. Just say “hey Vector ” to get his attention and voice a command.
● Vector already knows his limits. When he’s feeling tired or low on energy, he can locate and roll back to his charger. He is also equipped with four cliff sensors, which are infrared (I.R.) emitters situated under the corners and there to prevent Vector from falling off edges.

Vector is sure to be a popular gift this Christmas.

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curtixman - November 17, 2018 at 3:53pm
So it looks like this thing turned out to be a whopping flop.