Apple Watch Series 6 to Get Blood Oxygen Sensor [Report]

Apple Watch Series 6 to Get Blood Oxygen Sensor [Report]

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The Apple Watch Series 6 will be equipped with a new blood oxygen sensor, according to a report from DigiTimes. Normal blood oxygen saturation levels are between 95 - 100%. Anything below 90% is considered low. If your arterial blood oxygen levels drop below 80%, it could compromise organ function and continued low levels could lead to respiratory or cardiac arrest.

Apple Watch‌ 6 will feature biosensors that can monitor sleeping conditions, detect blood oxygen and measure pulse rates, heartbeats and atrial fibrillation, and will also incorporate MEMS-based accelerometer and gyroscope, all allowing the new device to continue to lead in measurement precision among wearable devices, the sources said.

Earlier this year, code references found in an early iOS 14 build revealed that Apple is developing a new health notification based on the measurement.

Other rumored new features for the Apple Watch Series 6 include an S6 chip, longer battery life, sleep tracking (watchOS 7), and mental health abnormalities detection.

DigiTimes reports that ASE Technology has obtained major backend orders for the Apple Watch Series 6 which is slated for launch later this year.

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Apple Watch Series 6 to Get Blood Oxygen Sensor [Report]