Microsoft Edge Browser Updated With Vertical Tabs, Startup Boost, More

Microsoft Edge Browser Updated With Vertical Tabs, Startup Boost, More

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Microsoft has announced some new features for its Edge browser including Vertical Tabs, Startup Boost, History dropdown, and more

Check out a brief summary of the new features below or click here for the full announcement.

Move your tabs to the side with vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge
To make tab management and organization easier, vertical tabs is now generally available this month. Now everyone can view and manage their tabs from a pane on the side with a single click. This allows you to clearly see the tab titles and controls, making it easier to find and switch between the tabs you need, regardless of how many you have open. Pair this with sleeping tabs and you get a browser built for more performance at lower power!

Get an easier way to view and manage your history in Microsoft Edge
This month, we’re excited to bring a more efficient way for you to quickly access and manage your history without losing context of the page you’re on. Now when you go to history, it will open as a lightweight dropdown from the toolbar instead of opening the full page view in settings. This means that you can easily search, open and manage your history without navigating away.

Get inspired with intuitive, interactive Bing search results
One of our goals is to deliver a search experience that moves beyond a static set of results. One way we’re doing so is by updating our search result pages so that they adapt to intuitively highlight the content you’re engaging with as you go.

Quickly get informed with infographic-inspired experiences
Another part of our vision for modern search is to thoughtfully aggregate information for more detailed topics, and to design the page in such a way that you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Our goal is to provide both style AND substance.

Startup boost makes your browser start up to 41% faster
Startup boost maximizes your computer’s performance by significantly reducing the time it takes to open the browser after a device reboot or reopening the browser. This new feature rolling out this month powers faster browser launches after you reboot your device and when relaunching Microsoft Edge. Initial tests show startup times improve from 29% – 41% percent with this feature. Startup boost will be automatically enabled this month and you can access your browser settings menu to personalize Microsoft Edge even more.

You can download Microsoft Edge from the link below...

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Microsoft Edge Browser Updated With Vertical Tabs, Startup Boost, More