Sileo 2.1 Released With Numerous Improvements

Sileo 2.1 Released With Numerous Improvements

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The Sileo package manager for jailbroken devices has been updated to version 2.1. The update was announced on Twitter earlier today.

#Sileo 2.1 is now out! It brings a slew of new features, like swipe actions and Canister support, as well as tons of bug fixes. See the full changelog in the attached photo!

What's New:
• Swipe actions on tweaks for installing, upgrading, uninstalling, adding repo
• Canister Implementation for searching for tweaks on repos you don't have. You can Add the Repo and have the package queued for you
• Haptic feedback for swipe actions and the queue button
• Alternative icons
• Refreshing sources no longer clears the queue
• Made adding multiple sources at once significantly faster
• Relocated ignored upgrades to their own section, with an option to hide them entirely
• Search naw queries for package identifier, name, author, maintainer, and description
• Made alphabetical sorting case-insensitive
• Show Number of Packages installed from that repo on the sources page
• Option to auto complete queue
• Option to complete queue later
• ModMyTTD has been removed as a default repo
• Updated 3D Touch shortcuts
• Adjusted the Background App Refresh prompt
• Ability to restart/retry a download if the download failed
• Fixed lag when tapping the Done button
• Fixed duplicate repos
• Fixed icons being blank on the sources list view
• Fixed refreshing repos on launch
• Fixed tapping the Sources tab bar to return ta the root sources menu
• Fixed certain settings not showing up under certain localizations
• Added more localizations
• Added a Developer Mode toggle
• Added a Backend Class that tweak developers can use to interface with Sileo's backend
• Removed unnecessary dependencies
• Memory improvements
• Performance improvements
• Fix links in depictions
• When pressing packages tab bar item, scroll to top of list
• All analytics have been removed

You can learn more about Sileo at the link below.

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Sileo 2.1 Released With Numerous Improvements