Some Users Report Sudden HomePod Failure on 14.6 and 15 Beta Software

Some Users Report Sudden HomePod Failure on 14.6 and 15 Beta Software

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Some HomePod users are complaining that their HomePod speakers are suddenly failing on HomePod software 14.6 and 15.0 beta.

In a thread on reddit, user fowagel965 says seven of nineteen of their HomePods have stopped working.

I have a total of 19 HomePods at home. 6 of them are on Beta and the others on 14.6. As of today, 7 are no longer working. 4 on the beta and 3 on 14.6. I use the HomePods normally and listen to music from time to time but not very loud, on average about 20% volume. All the ones on the beta are connected as default speaker on the Apple TV. Either there is a massive problem with the OS or something in the hardware is built wrong. Unfortunately, all of them are out of warranty and I won't be buying any new ones because I assume that every HomePod will break sooner or later. I would be really interested to know what exactly the problem is.

Other users are reporting the same...

@joseror: I have 2, both on 14.6. One of them fried a couple days ago, support did not help since I’m out of warranty.

@RX1000: My OG HomePod died recently. Stopped being able to resolve commands so I reset and got the spinning white wheel. Press and hold, it goes red but no voice saying it’s resetting. I took it to an Apple store and they took it in the back for 40 minutes but couldn’t bring it back. Game over man, game over. Not a good look.

If you've experienced a similar issue we'd advise contacting Apple support. You can also submit feedback using Feedback Assistant.

One reddit user who contacted Apple support was advised to tell friends to unplug their HomePods running iOS 15 beta until a new software update was released.

"I would tell your friends if they have installed OS15 beta on one or both of their HomePods and having issues to unplug them and not use them until next software update comes out to avoid damage to the logic board. In result of damaging your HomePod. If your HomePod has failed due to the developer beta profile being installed which in that case apple can not be held liable to fix the HomePods due to non licensed developer people installing this software, but suggest if your HomePod has in fact failed and you are a licensed developer you are urged to contact apple developer team for further assistance."

Let us know in the comments if you've experience a similar issue with your original HomePod.

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Some Users Report Sudden HomePod Failure on 14.6 and 15 Beta Software