iFixit: Replacing Screen on iPhone 13 Completely Disables Face ID [Video]

iFixit: Replacing Screen on iPhone 13 Completely Disables Face ID [Video]

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iFixit has published a report on replacing the screen on Apple's new iPhone 13. After repeated tests with numerous devices, the site confirms that the iPhone 13 completely disables Face ID when you replace its display.

This is a dark day for fixers, both DIY and professional. One of the most common phone repairs that could once be done with hand tools now requires a microscope. This means you won’t be able to fix your iPhone screen yourself without sacrificing major functionality. It also has huge implications for the professional repair industry, for which Apple is the dominant brand to service. Small shops could be shuttered, forced to choose between spending thousands on new equipment or losing a major source of income.

The site has identified a small microcontroller, tucked into the bottom of a screen, that pairs the iPhone 13 to its screen. To perform a replacement Apple technicians must log into Apple's cloud servers and sync the serial numbers of the phone and screen. This gives Apple the ability to approve or deny each repair.

More sophisticated repair shops can move the soldered chip from the original screen onto the replacement; however, it's not a trivial task and requires skilled technicians.

"By locking down the most common repair for their devices, Apple has crossed the Rubicon", says iFixit. "If we want repair shops to exist in our local communities, we have no choice but to pass right to repair legislation to protect them from this predatory, monopolistic behavior."

More details in the full report linked below...

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