Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 135 With 120Hz Support for Smooth Scroll Animations

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 135 With 120Hz Support for Smooth Scroll Animations

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Apple has released Safari Technology Preview 135 which brings numerous improvements including the ability for smooth scroll animations to run at 120Hz on 120Hz displays.

Get a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS with Safari Technology Preview and experiment with these technologies in your websites and extensions.

Note: Tab Groups do not sync in this release.

Web Inspector and Web Driver
● Fixed "testForLinkLabels" Accessibility audit to ignore anchors if aria-hidden (r284986)
● Added support for the acceptInsecureCerts capability (r285164)

● Media queries affect Cascade Layer order (r284859)
● Enabled accent-color by default (r284634)
● Added support for small svw/svh/svmin/svmax, large lvw/lvh/lvmin/lvmax, and dynamic dvw/dvh/dvmin/dvmax viewport units (r284628)
● Added flex-basis: content support (r284440)
● Added support for contain: style for counters (r284642, r284755)
● Added support for ::before and ::after pseudo elements after ::slotted (r284973)
● Added support for more CSS properties for ::marker (r284519)
● Allowed :is and :where after all pseudo elements (r285054)
● Made :-webkit-any() a synonym of :is() (r285032)
● Fixed ::part(foo):hover (r284865)
● Serialized :part() argument as identifier (r284863)
● Fixed :host invalidation when combined with pseudo classes in descendant position (r285100)
● Prevented clamping flex base size with min-height, max-height, min-width, and max-width (r284397)
● Fixed sizing of orthogonal elements with percentage margins (r284773)
● Fixed -webkit-background-clip: text to paint correctly for inline box spanning multiple lines (r284380)
● Fixed box-shadow and text-shadow to yield float values while interpolating (r284437)
● Fixed CSS serialization affecting grid-auto-flow (r284876)
● Fixed percentages on orthogonal replaced children (r284548)
● Fixed the border-radius value from .style to be readable when it includes a var() (r285015)
● Fixed opacity to flatten when combined with transform-style: preserve-3d (r285021)

● Enabled lazy image loading by default (r284995)
● Added support for rel="noopener/noreferrer" on

elements (r284749)
● Exposed MediaCapabilities to Workers (r284443)
● Fixed anchor.relList.supports("opener") to return true (r284745)
● Fixed changing the src attribute of the Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 135 With 120Hz Support for Smooth Scroll Animations element inside an ImageDocument to trigger a load (r284901)
● Fixed and friends to use the correct document as a source for reset document's URL (r284758)
● Fixed form navigations with target="_blank" to not have an opener (r284821)
● Fixed form submission to be cancelled if the form gets detached from inside the formdata event handler (r284660)
● Fixed JavaScript URL result to be treated as UTF-8 bytes (r284934)
● Fixed Origin of opaque blob: URLs to be null instead of an empty string (r284478)
● Fixed selection extend() with no ranges to trigger an exception (r285084)
● Fixed the intrinsic size of a picture image inside a template (r284667)
● Updated appearance of indicator (r284626)

● Updated smooth scroll animations to run at 120Hz on 120Hz displays (r285094)
● Fixed misplaced position: fixed content with async-scrollable iframes when switching tabs (r284738)

● Ensured CanvasRenderingContext2D.drawImage(video) uses the right color space (r284439)

● Changed to obtain consent to create a new credential when the platform authenticator is in excludedCredentials. This improves compliance with the WebAuthn spec (Step 3.1 of makeCredential). (r284413)

● Added support for requestVideoFrameCallback API for MediaStreamTrack-based backends (r284528)
● Fixed video appearing blank with only audio playing if video element isn't appended to the DOM tree (r284741)
● Updated WebM with invalid size to fail to load with error (r284434)

● Decreased WebRTC latency by pulling data more often (r284860)
● Changed to fallback to SW decoder in case of VP9-SVC (r284523)
● Changed to always set the color space for incoming H.264/265 streams (r284433)
● Ensured synchronized rendering of incoming audio tracks (r285027)
● Fixed latent audio over peer connections when changing the output (r284674)

● Fixed an issue where high-performance WebGL wasn't getting the correct GPU (r284669)

App Extensions
● Fixed an issue where App Extension toolbar items would not remember their position or stay removed from the toolbar

Web Extensions
● Fixed an issue where entries were saved into the storage area. If unable to locate sync storage entries, check in the local storage area and do a one-time migration to the sync storage area

You can download Safari Technology Preview from the link below...


Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 135 With 120Hz Support for Smooth Scroll Animations