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كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2]

كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2]

Posted May 2, 2010 at 11:11pm by iClarified
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هذه هي التعليمات التي يجب عليها اتباعها لكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت

لاتباع هذه التعليماتيجب ان يكون الي باد قد تم تفعيله ، اذا كان جهازك يطلب منك التوصيل بالاي تونز للتفعيل فإن هذا الشرح غير مناسب لك

اي نسخة من الي تونز 9 الى 9.1.1 يمكن ان تعمل مع كسر الحماية

b]الخطوة الأولى
حمل Spirit Jailbreak من here واحفظه إلى سطح المكتب.
كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2]

الخطوة الثانية
انقر نقرا مزدوجا فوق Spirit ايقونة
كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2]

هام: في حال كنت تستخدم وندوز 7 فإننا نصح بتشغيل برنامج سبيرت في وضعية التوافق مع وندوز 98*
وذلك كالتالي

قبل التشغيل اضغط بزر الفأرة الأيمن على Spirit.exe قم باختيار خصائصمن القائمة المنسدلة. ثم من قائمة التوافق التوافقاضغط اختيار Windows 98من قائمة التوافق . اضغطتطبيق ثمموافق
كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2] كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2]

الخطوة الثالثة
قم بتوصيل الاي باد واضغط على زر Jailbreak
كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2]

كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2]

الخطوة الخامسة

بعدها سيقوم البرنامج باخبارك حالما ينتهي من كسر الحماية

كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2]

سيقوم الي باد حينها بإعادة التشغيل وسيظهر على شاشة شريط التقدم وبمجرد ان يكتمل الشريط يكون جهازك مكسور الحماية مع سيديا مثبتا عليه !

كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2]

كيف تقوم بكسر حماية الي باد باستخدام سبيريت(ويندوز) [3.2]

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Comments (16)
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sokchea - June 22, 2010 at 5:09am
I just bought iPad 32G wifi version. I have tried to use Spirit (Window version) to jailbreak it but it still keep error code c0000138. I have visited many website, the solution is to copy libeay32.dll in Mobile Device Support to Window System32 and changing the compatibility to Window 98/Window Me. But the error is still there. Any better solution, please?
sokchea - June 22, 2010 at 5:26am
I found a solution now. I just need to install OpenSSL from http://www.slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html.
rkick07 - June 7, 2010 at 12:00pm
does this work with ipad 3g?
Mussab hamadi homed
Mussab hamadi homed - June 12, 2012 at 11:36pm
Elysium - June 1, 2010 at 10:42am
Everything worked fine on my 16GB WiFi iPad. Obviously some cydia sources and apps don't work since the dev team is still working on it (its your job to find out which ones, not the hackers), but the main stuff like Installous works a treat.
sam - May 11, 2010 at 6:02pm
How do I get my ipad wifi only to hack into the 3g network? Is this possible with the hack version or am I going to need to purchase one with both wifi and 3g network?
Ahmed albader
Ahmed albader - June 1, 2010 at 11:44am
I have an idea for you to shift your ipad from wifi model to 3G+wifi and it only will coast you $10 ,,,!!! It works perfect with me with no complInt , basically you need to have a jail broken iPhone in order to do that, you go to cydia and get app called " mywi " for $10 Trust me it's worth the money, this app will make your iPhone act like an Internet router so u can connect your ipad to this network As long as your iphone is with you, your wifi iPad is working as 3G model,, Try it on and let me know Bout the results
kilgore - June 1, 2010 at 11:58am
I may be missing something but the only way I know to do tis thing is like this. (1) Using Spirit....JB your iphone....buy mywi. (2) Use your iphone for your wifi connection. It works OK. Phone gets a lilttle warm.. I have a net connection but my son doesnt and he connects to the net like this. Downloads, music, avis everything. I told him to watch his activity..no sense going overboard.making yourself obvious..but so far no problems. Also use with MBPro. I dont see any good reason to JB the Pad.
Ahmed albader
Ahmed albader - May 11, 2010 at 12:37am
after jailbreaking my 32 gb ipad, i noticed that the battery runs out of charge in massive way that drives me crazy.. it's just way better in battery life if you just keep it stock the way it is when u buy it. I even noticed that even if I set the jailbreaking ipad without using it, its battery runs out of charge way faster than if its was not jailbroken... so therefor I just restored my ipad and now am enjoying more than 10 houres of a battery life wi
AppIe - May 10, 2010 at 10:36pm
Working fine on my 3g 64gig iPad: Cydia, iFile, Appsync for 3.2, Installous, Safari dl plugin (the old free one-Safari Download Manager not iPad ready yet), mobile substrate, and ssh. Those are some of the biggies. haven't tried most others yet.
Ahmed Albader
Ahmed Albader - May 5, 2010 at 7:48pm
i have downloded cydia on my 32 gb ipad for the first time and it was working great..i even downloaded bachgrounder and it works along with SBsettings.. the problem starts after i downloaded Rock!! i realize that most of the apps in rock are not there yet so i decided to delete it..and here where the ipad started to act weird !!! i restored the ipad and did jailbreak it again!! now the bachgrounder and SBsettings are not working !! thats really weird !! they used to work..dunno what happen!! it sucks
Ahmed Albader
Ahmed Albader - May 5, 2010 at 8:27pm
yess !! i made it !! i was able to re download the backgrounder and sbsettings after i downloaded Rock for the second time !! it seems now everything is back to normal.. but we cant deny that this jailbreak needs more work to do.
takate - May 4, 2010 at 2:34am
is not working.....and Norton security scan this file as high risk.....any idea?
king10000 - May 3, 2010 at 10:04am
i really advise not to use cydia now , it will screw up your ipad and you have to restore it
king10000 - May 3, 2010 at 7:42am
what is the use of jailbreak when most of cydias's applications are not working with ipad
jungle - June 21, 2010 at 11:12am
You can use installous. What else do you want? This is way enough for starts.
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