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Common Myths for the Macintosh

Common Myths for the Macintosh

Posted May 16, 2008 at 2:20pm · 1 comment · Add Comment
Scott - May 17, 2008 at 11:56am
You forgot the one about how Apple repeatedly classifies it's old systems as obsolete and then discontinues development and support on them with no upgrade paths, thus leaving the current user base and developers to either endure costly hardware and software upgrades or continue working on unsupported Apple hardware and software. When this first happened to me a year after buying my Apple IIgs back in the day I swallowed hard and upgraded to a Mac. Then when they did it with they're first generation Macs I decided to start hedging my carrier path with PC development but I still bought a new Mac and continued development Mobile products for their MessagePad PDA line. But then when they discontinued the MessagePad line I decided that enough was enough and decided never to develop on Apple platforms again. I have nothing against the Apple technology or applications and they are generally better products. But when the company forces me to buy new hardware and software purchases every year or two it just gets to be too much. Plus, I don't like the concept of a company like Apple monopolizing their hardware production and trying to control every aspect of software development and distribution so they can suck every penny out of users of their systems. Just look at what they're doing to the iPhone SDK. If they could keep they're iPhones locked then I doubt they'd be releasing and SDK. Even with its release, everything has to go through iTunes so Apple can charge transaction fees and suck every penny out of their users and developers. Typically Apple!!! I like the technology but hate the company. If I was rich maybe I wouldn't care but the only thing I use from Apple is a hacked iPhone on T-Mobile and I must admit I do get pleasure from knowing I'm using their systems in a way they don't like. My way of giving the finger to Apple I guess.
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