Dalrymple Confirms iOS 7 Will Ship On Time With Help From OS X Engineers

Dalrymple Confirms iOS 7 Will Ship On Time With Help From OS X Engineers

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The Loop's Jim Dalrymple, a widely respected authority on Apple rumors, has confirmed a report from AllThingsD's John Paczkowski saying that Apple is borrowing OS X engineers to ensure iOS 7 ships on time.

Paczkowski writes:

Sources who declined to be named because they are forbidden to talk publicly about Apple’s plans tell AllThingsD that the company has been “borrowing” engineers from the OS X 10.9 team as part of an effort to double down on iOS 7. “Yes, yes — it’s essentially a repeat of the iPhone/Leopard scenario,” one source said, referring to Apple’s 2007 decision to pull engineers from OS X 10.5 to work on iPhone. “Not as much of a fire drill, though. It will ship on time.”

Dalrymple confirms by simply stating, "Yep."

AllThingsD's report follows an earlier one from Bloomberg which basically said the same. Apple is expected to be altering the user interface of iOS to remove the flashy, skeuomorphic design in favor of a more flat design. Of course, it will likely be unveiled at WWDC.

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Dalrymple Confirms iOS 7 Will Ship On Time With Help From OS X Engineers

Assif - May 2, 2013 at 10:13pm
I don't care what ever version they release as long as there isn't any crapware draining the iDevices battery which renders it useless for having be used 24hrs a day @work or @any occasions as of now it barely even lasts for half a day and mostly even less than half a day(even on standby). If it gets even worser than iOS 6's battery drain does, consider yourself losing a customer and gaining a recommendation for a working persons 24hr phone.
DudeAtVanns - May 2, 2013 at 8:11am
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FukStupidGovernment - May 3, 2013 at 6:06am
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SirSabatoge - May 2, 2013 at 4:34am
As long as it has some type of sb setting function i'll be happy
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