Tao Effect Releases Espionage 3.5 With New Folder Actions [Video]

Tao Effect Releases Espionage 3.5 With New Folder Actions [Video]

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Tao Effect has updated its file encryption app Espionage with new Folder Actions.

Big release today! We know you’ve all missed application associations, and while those have been deprecated, today’s release introduces Folder Actions to replace them!

What's New In This Version:
● NEW: Folder Actions! Make magic happen when you lock or unlock folders!
● IMPROVED: UI transitions in folder details view
● IMPROVED: Now uses Lion’s invisible scrollbar in the folder list
● FIXED: Folders appearing as white disk images
● FIXED: Custom folder icons not showing up
● FIXED: Preferences shouldn’t be visible after autolock
● FIXED: Focus ring issues when the modal panel is up
● FIXED: Overwriting a folder set by changing password to an already used one
● FIXED: Keyboard focus issues in the modal dialog.

You can purchase Espionage 3.5 from the link below for $29.99. Until June 17th you can also get the software from the Productive Macs bundle along with eight other apps for $29.99.

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