iOS Continues to Lead As Top Mobile Advertising Platform

iOS Continues to Lead As Top Mobile Advertising Platform

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Apple and iOS continue to lead as the top mobile advertising platform in terms of impression and revenue, according to Opera Mediaworks. Using data from over 35 billion mobile ad impressions, Opera Mediaworks found that Apple continues to dominate Android when it comes to overall mobile advertisement impressions and revenue.

iOS is the clear winner capturing nearly 44% of all ad impressions and nearly 50% of all revenue. The lead is mainly due to the iPad, and when you compare just cellphones, the two are basically tied in impressions. However, the iPhone still triumphs Android in revenue with a 9% point lead.

However, when comparing mobile phones using iOS and Android the two OS are in a virtual tie for share of ad impressions, with just over 30% each. Late last year, Android inched ahead of iPhone with a slight lead (31% vs. 29%), but iPhone has been inching back and, within one percentage point ever since

Apple is still the greatest manufacturer of mobile devices with 43.8% of all impressions served on its device. Samsung is in a strong second place with 17.41%.

Among tablets, Apple captures the lion’s share (91.2%) with Samsung following at 6.1%. However, when segmenting the view to focus solely on Android device manufacturers, Samsung emerges as the clear leader, with 58.5% of impressions going to Samsung devices. HTC, Motorola and LG fall far behind, all in the 7-11% range.

The data also points out consumer trends in the US. For instance during peak holiday seasons, mobile traffic and revenue spikes, and then returns to normal levels in January.

We can see the effects of seasonality when a time series of data points such as traffic or revenue exhibit cyclical variation. The most common example of seasonality is how retail sales peak during the holiday season and quickly fall off in January. When comparing monthly ad impressions from first half of 2013 to those from 2012, we can see a clear cyclical variation that shows how mobile phone use varies throughout the first half of the year.

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iOS Continues to Lead As Top Mobile Advertising Platform

Bandroid is still 4.1 - July 24, 2013 at 4:17am
Lamedroid is mainly bad because all their products are plastic and this, I will always be an iOS user, not once I have experienced lag within it yet I can't afford an ios device. ios has worked hard enough year after year and now, 7! Tech at its finest.
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Their not iTouches, theyre iPod Touches!!!!!!!!!!