Watch Steve Jobs Introduce WiFi to the Masses [Video]

Watch Steve Jobs Introduce WiFi to the Masses [Video]

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Reddit brings to our attention an old video that some of you may not have seen -- Steve Jobs introducing Wi-Fi for the first time to the masses, becoming the first mainstream computer with wireless networking.

Jobs introduced the iBook G3 during a Keynote conference in 1999 and it became first consumer device to carry a Wi-Fi card. Wi-Fi was being introduced to the masses for the first time, and Jobs even demonstrated the wireless capabilities by using a Hula Hoop!

During this historic moment, Jobs claimed 'everyone' would jump on the 802.11 bandwagon in the next few months/years. "We're just going to be there first, and the best," Jobs said.

The video shows Jobs waking an iBook from sleep and browsing the web. The crowd was not aware that Jobs was wirelessly surfing the web until he picks up the iBook and walks around the stage while still opening webpages. He then swings a hula hoop around the iBook to show off wireless networking.

Lucent Technologies collaborated with Apple to create the wireless capability in the iBook G3 as well as the Airport Wireless Base Station that was released at the same time.

The iBook packed 11Mbps 802.11, a PowerPC Processor, 32/64MB of RAM and a $1599 price point.

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rexology - July 29, 2013 at 2:44pm
iClarified should get more Ballmer or Bill Gates articles here. Let's see how much sht talk will go on. Steve Job's will always be what Apple is...successful. Apple has had many problems, but rose to the occasion, and is now the leader in technology. For anyone here who talks down and insults Steve's accomplishment, just realize that you're still living with your parents and they're probably paying for your internet/phone bills; so you're not in any position to troll anything. Even when Job's was diagnosed with cancer, he didn't btch out...he continued to nurture Apple. RIP SJ.
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Jack black - July 29, 2013 at 4:27am
Also if this was so ground breaking and new stuff why was apples stock and profitability in the toilet in 1999??? Only when apple became a phone company did growth come and profitability when the iphone was introduced and apple finally became profitable. Jobs is not really credited with great innovation, he is credited with making a smart phone that was stable and not glitchy as previous smart phones were , he was also lucky to have the idea to start iTunes ... Other than that apple computer under his tut alive never got above 10% market share. Jobs got lucky in the last years of his life... The majority was in a closed computer no one wanted to program for... That "looked" like art to weirdos.
Gary Buck - July 29, 2013 at 5:27am
Yep, I couldn't even imagine life without iOS. We'd be stuck with the android and blackberry crap. It's funny cause the android platform hasn't improved at all and is still a glitchy, bloated resource hog. You have to have a 1.5ghz processor to push one of those pigs around and it's still not as fluid as the original iPhone, haha. Steve is god! Period, end of story...Now let the "fandroid fags" speak and attempt to recover....
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