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Apple Looking Into Gifting Media Content Through NFC?

Apple Looking Into Gifting Media Content Through NFC?

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A newly published patent application from Apple hints towards allowing users to "gift" media content purchased via iTunes to other users using near-field communications (NFC).

The patent was first filed in March of 2013 and describes a system whereby a user can accept a gift from iTunes (App, Music, Video etc) via a NFC.

Various techniques are provided for the gifting between multiple electronic devices of media content provided by an online digital media provider. An offer and acceptance of a selected gift file is accomplished between a gifter device and a receiving giftee device using a near-field communication (NFC) connection. If a connection to the online provider is available, the gifter device may transmit a gift request by which the gifter's account is charged for the gift file. Thereafter, a gift file created using DRM keys associated with the giftee's account may be downloaded to the giftee device. If a network connection is unavailable, the giftee device may transfer a locked gift file and a corresponding gift license to the giftee device using a peer-to-peer connection. The giftee device may authenticate the license and unlock the gift file once a connection to the online provider is available.

The patent describes a method for sharing the content via NFC, which involves DRM and authentication keys, a system that is similar to Apple's current giving methods where a user simply purchases the item and emails it to the other user. The filing states that instead of transferring over Internet, the file will transfer over NFC, which allows data transfer speeds of 560Mbps.

The iPhone has been rumored to receive NFC for a couple of years now, and the closest thing we have seen is Apple's Passbook service, which was introduced in iOS 6 as an alternative. Whether or not we will see NFC in the iPhone 5S is another question, but we'll have to wait until September 10 so find out.

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Apple Looking Into Gifting Media Content Through NFC?

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