Apple Announces It Will Reintroduce Missing Features to iWork for Mac

Apple Announces It Will Reintroduce Missing Features to iWork for Mac

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Apple has announced that it plans to reintroduce some of the features dropped from iWork for Mac.

The Pages, Numbers, and Keynote applications were recently rewritten from the ground up to be fully 64-bit and to support a unified file format between OS X and iOS 7 versions, as well as iWork for iCloud beta. However, in the process of updating the applications, numerous features didn't make it into the initial versions of the new software.

In rewriting these applications, some features from iWork ’09 were not available for the initial release. We plan to reintroduce some of these features in the next few releases and will continue to add brand new features on an ongoing basis.

Some features in upcoming releases in the next 6 months

● Customize toolbar
● Vertical ruler
● Improved alignment guides
● Improved object placement
● Import of cells with images
● Improved word counts
● Keyboard shortcuts for styles
● Manage pages and sections from the thumbnail view

● Customize toolbar
● Improvements to zoom and window placement
● Multi-column and range sort
● Auto-complete text in cells
● Page headers and footers
● Improvements to AppleScript support

● Customize toolbar
● Restoring old transitions and builds
● Improvements to presenter display
● Improvements to AppleScript support

In the meanwhile, Apple suggests users who need these features continue using iWork '09 which can be found in the Applications > iWork ’09 folder.

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Apple Announces It Will Reintroduce Missing Features to iWork for Mac

matrixmaniac - November 6, 2013 at 6:20pm
But first and foremost they must re-introduce SAVE AS to the Mac. Otherwise this is a toy... (and a frustrating one at that)...
Here you go... - November 6, 2013 at 7:00pm
I agree. But in the meantime you can go to System Preferences --> Keyboard --> Shortcuts. Select App Shortcuts from the list on the left, click on the + sign to create a new shortcut, select All Applications, enter "Save As..." in the menu title field, and command-shift-s in the command field. There you go, now you have Save As... in all apps. :-)
Guest - November 6, 2013 at 7:27pm
You can just hold down the option key and you get "Save-as"
Here you go... - November 6, 2013 at 10:20pm
True, but I think that he was asking about a keyboard shortcut. The existing keyboard shortcut is command-option-shit-s... I don't really like four-key shortcuts, they're awkward for frequent use. But thanks though, I wasn't aware of the option feature for the pull-down menu.
Justme - November 7, 2013 at 3:13am
Hey Here you go, i love your shortcut: "command-option-shit-s" LOL Hahaha Sorry man. I couldn't resist