Apple May Soon Perform iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Repairs In-Store

Apple May Soon Perform iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Repairs In-Store

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Apple is gearing up to perform some iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c repairs in-store, reports 9to5Mac.

Sources say that Apple will be providing its stores with special machinery to replace the touchscreens on both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. These machines will be used specifically to calibrate the displays. The screen replacements cost $149 for each device, and this price point is significantly more affordable than the several-hundred dollars required to completely replace a device with a damaged/cracked screen.

Apple Stores will also be able to replace volume buttons, the vibrating motor, the rear-camera, and the speaker system on both devices. Home button repairs will be possible on the iPhone 5c but probably not on the Touch ID home button found in the iPhone 5s.

If the repair is a defect covered under warranty, the replacement will be free. However, if it's not covered there will be charge. For example, a battery replacement is said to cost $79 and a iPhone 5c home button is said to cost $29.

Equipment, parts, and training manuals have begun to arrive at Apple Stores, so it's likely that Apple will launch the repair program soon.

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Apple May Soon Perform iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Repairs In-Store

Fukran John - November 7, 2013 at 5:43pm
Yes. Good decision. They need it as their new devices are simply crap. Apple realized it early and started acting on it. Kudos to apple. Another way to loot customers, selling crap and looting customers again for repairing. And ISheeps are simply behind it.
Fukjohn ran - November 7, 2013 at 5:56pm
Actually kudos to your retardness and your myth making shit! Samshit is what same it, look how slow and same material is you'd rely on, sure buy the phablet and drop it after one hand use, meanwhile samsheeps think it's right! Want big screen? Buy a tablet!
Whiny disgraceful desperate Delusion - November 7, 2013 at 2:27pm
Watch their machine healing magic do the work!
Dingle berry balls - November 7, 2013 at 1:12pm
I totally agree with you Delusion. I wish everyone would be on the same wave length as you Great post keep it up.
Delusion - November 7, 2013 at 1:10pm
this was meant for this blog not the other sorry ...The only thing anyone else here and I have to be disappointed about is how you all keep coming here just to say something like stupid opinions overs the iPhones like your different wannabe uses it is superior and just because you says apple chose to make another plastic phone doesn't make a difference but they made it so everyone would pay for iPhone easier, both models 5s and 5c are both amazing, I don't see what is bad about them, I love the new button, you say it isn't useful yet their was finally a way to make purchases without dealing with those security questions, god that was a hell of a struggle, but this finally helped me and the best part is it's in the button for the first time and a split second it reads immediately! You're too unprepared to think and compare phone and you think you can just say "most iPhone users are afraid to admit that most android phones have better things to offer than the current iPhone" dude seriously you get more desperate by the comment, what is so new for a long damn time than making the phone bigger than it is that it has to offer? What did they ever introduce besides NFC without taking ideas from apple, new things in apps? Exterior part of the phone? No bugs at some point? Keep dreaming when you finally wake up and realize who is the real winner here because iPhone still leads over speed and performance, like one thing you said is going to lead galashit! The only rant over the 5s is you think you start from scratch, ere is a reason you didn't care about it first off, do you have an icloud or iTunes account, did you ever heard a out moving data to it as a backup BEFORE getting a new phone, obviously like you payed attention to looking up how to move data to another iPhone! You only feel left behinds because you always ranted on apple ever single time, you think you have the balls to say something truthfully now after all this time, nice try bony boner, you're not fooling us only the sheeps would care for your desperate shit! @rotterbox You're so sure you can't give a shit and just think "not so much" but look, just 3 upgrades doesn't mean it barely makes a difference, 3 new features came with extra parts aka details to it, the camera app got burst mode, slow-mo, tru tone flash, large aperture, and bigger sensor, the scanner was integrated into the home button, the App Store, and became an app to set up your fingerprint, and a7 is far more improved with no blurry game renders, lightning speeds, and motion chip built in for compass, gyroscope, and Nike for training! Tell me how less of a change you see compared to 5 because the battery icreased by 10% what you don't offer is respect, show us your brilliant idea for a 5s if you don't think it's that good because when iPhone gets bigger to satisfy people, they always and will come up with great ideas, even if it is a little bit good because fingerprint scanner even if it wasn't on a home button is new and damn genius, you one the other hand go like "ooh bigger screen, make it evolve into a movie screen" maybe it's because you want to go big and think of the term "bigger is better" what about one hand use, pocket space, pay more for size and still use the same thief system that is idea hungry just waiting to take it from apple and it still has bugs, don't you both come crying when you'll see true innovation with 10 awards in near future, good day inside box thinking living ranting bitches SO IFAG GO BACK TO UR SAMFAG SITE AND SHUTUP Hummm, another Samsung "sponsored" company? Anyone who used an iPhone and any Android device knows iPhone (even the "2G", classic iPhone) is far superior in touch.
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