Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumored to Feature QHD Display, Iris Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumored to Feature QHD Display, Iris Scanner

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Samsung is planning to unveil new technologies for its smartphones in 2014 including QHD displays, an iris verification system, and a new Tizen OS, reports ZDNet Korea.

According to the electronics industry on the 16th (KST), Samsung will be applying QHD and iris verification tech onto their smart phone next year. They’re past the technology developing stage and are onto figuring out a way to mass produce.

Full HD resolution is 1920x1080; however, QHD beats that with a impressive resolution of 2560x1440. Samsung is said to be introducing the its QHD smartphone at Mobile World Congress. They haven't confirmed it will be the Galaxy S5 but it's rumored that the company's flagship handset will be the first to get the improved display. The company is in a race with VIVO and LG to be the first to introduce a QHD display.

Finally, Samsung is said to have acquired iris verification technology which could be used to rival Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner for user identification and device security.

The iris verification technology was acquired by Samsung Electronics and been known via Korea’s Patent Office. It is patent technology that allows the user to open the phone via reflecting user’s iris.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumored to Feature QHD Display, Iris Scanner

Alex - December 18, 2013 at 10:39pm
Lol .. If u saying Samsung is not trying to copy Apple ... Then why not earlier or couple years later .. Wait for apple come out new stuff then copy it and call it innovation . It's more like imitatetion .. I'm using Samsung and Apple phone for over 4 years .I would say apple iphone is way more stable than Samsung .. I like the way they designed hardware and software like a compact v4 sport car has all the v12 power and features (Samsung) ... I forgot to mention apple iphone 5s using A7 64bit .... I bet samsung will come out the new stuff with 64bit processor in couple months even know its too early to put 64bit processor in a smartphone ATM ...
Gayt - December 18, 2013 at 11:16pm
But it may be simple apple can run it on 1gb if ram. Thanks for responding to this and hopefully wake up tony's bloodshot brain.
Fukjohn Rah - December 18, 2013 at 4:36pm
And bony strikes again trying to pray for a crampony to make shit and calls it innovative like they did it first,please like worshiping yourself trying to go full geek is saving you and acting right is helping them, why don't you help them make a dick scanner so you can see why you hate when they will once again copy! Educate yourself while at it so you can get a life as said!
Creative - December 18, 2013 at 5:20pm
Samsung is the best always
Steve - December 18, 2013 at 9:31pm
best of following.
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