Author of 'Steve Jobs' Biography Claims Google is More Innovative Than Apple

Author of 'Steve Jobs' Biography Claims Google is More Innovative Than Apple

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Walter Isaacson, author of the "Steve Jobs" biography told CNBC in a TV interview that he believes Google is the greatest innovator in the world right now, and not Apple. Isaacson agrees that the Apple-China Mobile deal is big, but cites Google's Nest acquisition is more important.

Google buying Nest shows an amazingly strong, integrated strategy that Google has to connect all of our devices, all of our lives … the Internet of things is actually real, there are these devices we’re gonna want to have and Google’s going to get ahead of that game.

The greatest innovation today is coming from Google. Fadell was one of the team that created the iPod. He was very deep into the Apple culture … when Apple was so innovative … Now Tony Fadell is going to Google because he’s part of the Nest deal

Isaacson believes that Steve Jobs would have wanted to find the next industry to shake up, and sees that being either the watch, or perhaps the TV.

I think Steve Jobs would have wanted as the next disruptive thing to either have wearable-like watches or TV, an easy TV that you can walk into the room and say put on 'Squawk Box' … or disrupt the digital camera industry or disrupt textbooks.

Daniel Ernst, principal at tech-focused Hudson Square Research, agreed: "For the last two years, Cook continues to hint … there are things we do that we have expertise in that would lend itself to other categories that we're not in."

"Let's give them the whole calendar year," Ernst said. "But I think that the unanimous answer among Apple investors is that this better be the year. There's only so long the boy can cry wolf."

"We ought to see in 2014, Apple do something huge," Isaacson said.

Do you think Apple has lost its touch?

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Author of 'Steve Jobs' Biography Claims Google is More Innovative Than Apple

Ismeal Spamtos - January 20, 2014 at 8:46pm
And what about the Mac family- Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and air, iMac, iPhone is metal and plastic, iPod family- iPod touch, shuffle, nano, classic,
DarkSide - January 21, 2014 at 6:08am
Those are pretty much varieties of the same thing.
Ismeal Spamtos - January 21, 2014 at 12:05pm
They work like the same things but on shuffle you can't see which song you are playing, iPod touch does more than any other, iPhone 5s is completely different from 5c, so are macs and iPads.
Real talk - January 19, 2014 at 1:26am
The 1st day steve jobs left apple before, the company fall into its knees, now steve is gone permanently, apple will fall the same way. No innovations came up since the day steve jobs died and this nest thing and other innovation coming up from other company is the start of apple end. Just accept it, apple is just being greedy with the same old crap they offer and sooner or later people will get tired of the same old thing apple has to offer.
Real business - January 19, 2014 at 2:38am
The first day Steve jobs was gone, apple kept going with business and work for thanks, and the 5s Mac Pro and iPad air proves it all, they achieved thinning, shortening weight, increasing power all on their own, Steve is smiling on the inside, as long as apple is alive Steve is to, and so will his legend be, apple wasn't dumb enough to do microsuck commercials that desperate, or rush anything and use the products like it's THAT magical (reference to smart watch getting you a gf topic) but no matter who disagrees, no matter how far hey try to whine on like they know, they can face the fact they got nothing against iPhone, and how do I know? Look at the topic "iPhone 5 replaces galaxy s3 in UAE", search "chart" and find the first one with "iPhone" in the name, and to anyone saying "when Steve jobs died apple died", open your eyes and quit dreaming, that's like saying the dog dies then the family when they are healthy, another example- is apple out of business like blackberry? Would iPhone kill them that easy, what PC beats any Mac, in fact where are the other mp3's. Who even beats App Store?
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