BlackBerry Responds to U.S. Air Force's Switch to iPhone

BlackBerry Responds to U.S. Air Force's Switch to iPhone

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The U.S. Air Force recently announced that its requiring the swap of about 5,000 BlackBerrys to Apple iPhones. Eventually all Air Force mobile users will be required to make the switch from an old BlackBerry device to a new iPhone or iPad.

“In order to keep costs down and save on network resources, BlackBerrys will be turned in and shut off once the user is transitioned to an iOS device," said Brig. Gen. Kevin Wooton, communications director for Air Force Space Command.

BlackBerry has now issued a response to news, reports CrackBerry.

The ongoing threat of cyber attacks requires organizations to be vigilant about mobile security. For customers that have the highest security requirements, such as those in government, there is nothing more secure than a BlackBerry device managed by a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

There is a clear reason why BlackBerry has more government certifications than any other vendor, and the only enterprise mobility management vendor and handset maker to receive the Department of Defense “Authority to Operate” certification. Security is built into everything we do, and we've been doing it longer and better than anyone else.

We’ve been a trusted partner to government agencies for more than a decade, and have more than 80,000 BlackBerry devices in DISA alone. Our competitors have not been tested in the field or subjected to the long term rigors of high stress applications, making their security model difficult to trust. BlackBerry remains the best option for governments around the world.

In what might be a happy coincidence for BlackBerry, Apple just released iOS 7.0.6 to fix a major SSL security issue.

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BlackBerry Responds to U.S. Air Force's Switch to iPhone

RBAF - September 19, 2014 at 4:25pm
Does everyone on here really think the AF passes classified information through our cell phones? The information that really needs to be kept close to home are only relayed through much more secure means, not our blackberrys and not the new iphones. AF knows that even if those phones are "hacked" no information will be found that could possibly be a threat to our national security. They're likely switching because of Apples ease of use compared to blackberrys ancient design.
Brent - February 24, 2014 at 5:24am
All Blackberry communication are through 256bit encryption. Blackberry OS is the only OS that has never, yes never been breached. The new OS 10 is built using that reliability and QNX code which as ridiculous as it sounds is the same software that powers the planes in the air force. Sure, Blackberry isn't popular amongst consumers but the average consumer doesn't need the security that the military, government, or big business might. People don't choose Blackberry for its style or ease of use. With all the Chinese hacking going on these days I'm guessing they will be able to completely catch up in the race for air superiority now that they will be able to intercept all emails, texts and data messages on those far less than bulletproof iphlops. Just one more way America is becoming even more secure lol.
Odedo1 - February 24, 2014 at 12:29pm
When u r right u r right! - February 24, 2014 at 1:24am
Most of these in here are idiots making stupid and childish comments. There us no such thing as "more secure" nowadays. One, big brothers are constantly watching and spying the citezens. Two, Blackberry is lame and so unpopular. No one wants to hack it or waste time decoding. Hackers are only interested in what is popular. Remember Windows? Now Apple? What is next? Get it all the dumb heads talking like they are smart?
Fukjohn Rah - February 24, 2014 at 1:35am
Yeah, look at Tony every time.
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