iPhone 6 to Feature Significantly Improved Quantum Dot Display?

iPhone 6 to Feature Significantly Improved Quantum Dot Display?

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While iPhone 6 rumors have focused on a larger display and the use of sapphire glass, a new report suggests it will be the display's technology that is the real change.

Forbes reports that Apple will use the Quantum Dot technology found in the Kindle Fire HDX which recently bested both the iPad Air and iPad mini in display shootouts. However, Apple will use the technology with its own twist that delivers a much wider color gamut.

Nanosys holds over 300 patents in QD and has Samsung as a major investor. They wouldn't confirm Apple will make use of QD, quoting NDAs; however, CEO Jason Hartlove told the site that the first QD smartphone would launch by mid-year.

Notably, the US patent office recently published 4 Apple QD related patent applications which indicates they've been working on the technology for some time.

The applications are for improvements in QD technology - but Hartlove asserts that any work Apple is doing will be built on top of Nanosys’ patents. So the technology is there to be used – what Apple is doing, as it did with Retina, is creating its own variant and not just laying patent traps for potential competitors. Its work seems to be aimed at eliminating some of the compromise between color saturation and accuracy that Amazon had to concede to.

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iPhone 6 to Feature Significantly Improved Quantum Dot Display?

SweetPete - February 26, 2014 at 7:31am
Why would they do this if they claim their "retina" screen is the "bestest" in all the lands and that anything with higher resolution won't be seen by the human eye. So full of themselves AND crap.
HTPEE - February 26, 2014 at 11:57am
If you compare the necessary screen size needed depending on how big the phone it, the display on a small screen needs enough because retina sharpens everything, therefore extra pixels suck the battery, just like you suck at understanding because you are ignorant too much claiming this to be considered crap thank you so much.
odedo2 - February 24, 2014 at 5:49pm
As long as it doesn't make samscum make another clueless commercial of bigger display just because it's bigger.