Google Reveals More About Its Project Ara Smartphone [Video]

Google Reveals More About Its Project Ara Smartphone [Video]

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Google has revealed some more details about its upcoming Project Ara smartphone in a behind the scenes video posted yesterday.

Project Ara is an initiative by Google to develop a free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. Users would be able to swap out hardware components such as the display, keyboard, or battery to keep their device updated with the latest technology. This would also allow for easy repairs, extending the lifetime of the handset.

In the video, we learn that Ara's team has developed a way to keep the modules in place using electro-permanent magnets. They've also decided not to hide the module/block aesthetic.

Google has planned a series of three Ara Developers Conferences throughout 2014. The first of these, scheduled for April 15-16, will focus on the alpha release of the Ara Module Developers Kit (MDK).

Take a look at the video below for more details on the project.

dylchills - April 6, 2014 at 1:56pm
Fuck all you guys that say that this project is gay or a stupid investment. This project is awesome. ok i mean look at this way lets say a new phone comes out and u want a specific thing on it instead of paying 200-600$ u pay like 50-100 wouldnt that be better
Owen Densmore - April 6, 2014 at 3:20pm
Just to be clear, I think its a great Idea. I hope it liberates Google from the horrible Unholy Trinity. I hope they stick to it and make Android rule.
Sam cum junk - April 6, 2014 at 5:16pm
Fuck you more. What was googay a like succession before the phone they started making, was the nexus or should I say wrecksus ever successful? What about the site, or their profits, but the phones they just made now after many others who have started years ago, they are a little too late now. What's left for them to make after apple brought all kinds of features first. What chance do they have?
Owen Densmore - April 6, 2014 at 3:12am
Tough to believe Google can do this. For a company that kills 1 out of 3 projects, and the rest are in beta, it really is hard to think they'll do it. Finally. They are caught in the Unholy triangle of 1) OS producer, 2) Cellular provider, and 3) Handset manufacturer. They have done well at 1, although they let 2 & 3 piss all over their product. If they can succeed with 1 and 3, they gotta chance. But I'm skeptical. Until Android is truly a standard, think ECMA, they are not in control. -- Owen
codyt - April 5, 2014 at 5:52pm
They all have macbooks.Lame.Even Google wouldn't be so nice without Apple
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