Evernote Introduces New Business Notebook by Moleskine [Video]

Evernote Introduces New Business Notebook by Moleskine [Video]

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Evernote has announced the launch of a new Evernote Business Notebook by Moleskine.

Evernote Introduces New Business Notebook by Moleskine [Video]

Sharing and Saving:
The Evernote Business Notebook offers features that make it a perfect meeting companion, handling two sharing scenarios:

● Share everything
Snap of a photo of the page using the Document Camera and choose to share the entire page with your friends and colleagues. They’ll get an email containing the whole page, with improved contrast for easier reading.

● Share what matters
Since you’ll likely have your own to-dos that don’t need to be shared, write those into the lower section of the page. When you snap a photo, you can choose to only share the top section. Your recipients will get an email containing only the notes that they need to see and nothing more. You’ll have the whole page safely in Evernote.

To make sure that your project stays top-of-mind, put a check next to the Reminder icon before snapping a photo of the page with the Document Camera. Once in Evernote, you’ll see the note at the top of your note list in the Reminders section.

Smart Stickers
Each notebook comes with a set of Smart Stickers. You can customize what happens when Evernote sees a Smart Sticker on a page. For example, set the airplane sticker to mean that the image should be placed into your Travel notebook. You can define the sticker actions Evernote’s camera settings.

Evernote Premium
Each notebook comes with a code for 3-month of Evernote Premium.

The Evernote Business Notebook is available in the Evernote Market for $32.95. The Document Camera with Evernote Business Notebook support is available in Evernote for iPhone and iPad, coming soon to Evernote for Android.

Take a look at the video below for more details...

Cristophe - April 17, 2014 at 6:08pm
Hahaha 34$ for a notebook so ridicules ...
Fukjohn Rah - April 17, 2014 at 6:26pm
Jeans now notebook greed.