1Password for Mac Gets a Massive Update

1Password for Mac Gets a Massive Update

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1Password for Mac has received a 'massive update' that includes numerous new features and improvements. 1Password creates strong, unique passwords for every site, remembers them all for you, and logs you in with a single tap.

Alongside the application for OS X, AgileBits has also released an update to the iOS app which can be found here.

What's New In 1Password for Mac

◆ The Big Stuff ◆
- When you update a password for an existing item, the AutoSave window will now prompt you to update that item!
- You can now choose which vault to use when saving a new Login
- Edit items directly within 1Password mini!
- Edit generated passwords in 1Password mini, too
- Looking for something specific? 1Password mini now searches everything, from your usernames to your notes
- We’ve added full screen support so 1Password can be larger than ever!
- Like keyboard shortcuts? 1Password mini now has a *ton* of ‘em
- Keyboard shortcuts for switching vaults
- Tab and Shift-Tab shortcuts to navigate in 1Password mini's details view
- Command (⌘)-O to anchor 1Password mini's details view
- Command (⌘)-E to enter edit mode in 1Password mini's details view
- Command (⌘)-S to save changes in 1Password mini's details view
- Command (⌘)-. to cancel changes and exit the edit mode in 1Password mini's details view
- By popular request, 1Password mini now shows Secure Notes!

◆ Sync & Export ◆
- Now when you change your Master Password, it will sync to your other devices
- Internet? Who needs it! USB is the future, so now you can sync your data file using a USB drive
- We’ve made some improvements to the way 1Password interacts with Dropbox
- New exporting options: 1Password can now export items to CSV and plain text (careful here—your items are not encrypted in these formats!)

◆ Editing Items ◆
- Added the ability to move items (in addition to copy) from one vault to another
- Right clicking on an item in the item list will now select that item
- We’ve made the item list even better, both when you right click on an item and when you click on the Item menu
- You can now resume editing if 1Password locks or quits in the middle of a change
- You can even switch vaults while editing an item and resume editing when you switch back
- Easily rename tags directly within the sidebar
- Item note editing now supports Undo/Redo

◆ Backups ◆
- New Find Backup button allows you to restore external backup files
- You can now restore from a backup when launching 1Password for the first time

◆ Languages ◆
- Catalan and Danish localization
- New languages added
- Updated translations

◆ Misc ◆
- Greatly improved URL matching makes logging in to sites with sub domains easy
- Use Go&Fill from the main application even when your browser is not open
- 1Password mini now supports fuzzy search. For example: “oogle” will now return items named “Google”
- Improved support for multiple Chrome profiles
- Addressed some minor visual and grammar issues
- You can now sort by Category in Security Audit
- Improved import from CSV
- Many bugs died to bring us this update

You can purchase 1Password from the App Store for $24.99.

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1Password for Mac Gets a Massive Update

1Password for Mac Gets a Massive Update

1Password for Mac Gets a Massive Update