Opera Coast Browser Released for iPhone

Opera Coast Browser Released for iPhone

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Opera has released its new 'Coast' browser for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Our app won't change your life forever. It won’t buy you a new car or make sure your best friend doesn’t fall for your girl. But, that's not all that life is about. It's about the details, the fleeting moments that can make or break your day, and there's no better browser to help you pass the time at the bus stop or escape for a little longer to the restroom. Opera Coast looks great, it feels great and it delivers the content you want.

- Throw away your expectations. Browsers have been the same for 20 years and their conventions get in the way. Opera Coast's design will shock you and leave you wondering why you haven't had a browser like this before.
- Make browsing exciting. Everyone loves their iThingy for the high quality graphics and quick animations. Your browser should feel the same way.
- Stay up-to-date with the sites you love or stumble all the way out to the edge of the net. Search the web, and, while you type, we'll suggest some sites for you. You know, in case you need to avoid work a little longer.
- Get Opera Coast for your both your iPad and iPhone and it'll sync what you find on the web between your devices.

What's New In This Version:
Coast by Opera is now called Opera Coast

Introducing Opera Coast for iPhone, featuring:
* Simplified home screen
* Visual search with animated text suggestions and seamless transition to Google (swipe down from anywhere on the home screen to search)
* Redesigned recent sites feature, share menu and safety information

New features for both iPad and iPhone:
* "Stuff we like": suggestions for discovering popular sites from where you are and interesting sites to waste time on ("Stuff we like" is shown in search before you start typing)
* A wider selection of wallpapers, automatically downloaded and refreshed from the Opera add-ons site
* Automatic iCloud syncing of home screen tiles
* New design for context menus (long press in web pages)
* New design for sharing menu in the recent sites
* Improved introduction guide on first start up

Other improvements:
* Several security, performance and stability improvements
* Big performance improvements in search
* Coast will use much less disk space
* Faster start up
* Support for more icon types, added support for icons from Google+ (using link rel=publisher)
* Faster flip animation when opening and closing sites
* Automatic password saving works on more sites
* Added ability to reload a site when there is no or bad network and give better feedback about the loading progress in these cases

You can download Opera Coast from the App Store for free.

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Opera Coast Browser Released for iPhoneOpera Coast Browser Released for iPhoneOpera Coast Browser Released for iPhone

Opera Coast Browser Released for iPhone

Opera Coast Browser Released for iPhone