Apple iWatch to Have Curved OLED Touchscreen, Collect Health Related Data, Arrive in October?

Apple iWatch to Have Curved OLED Touchscreen, Collect Health Related Data, Arrive in October?

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A new report from Nikkei says Apple will launch its iWatch in October and it will feature a curved OLED touchscreen and be equipped with a centralized function to manage users' biometric information via the iPhone.

Though the details of services have yet to be released, specs for the new product are being finalized, according to industry sources. It will likely use a curved organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touchscreen and collect health-related data, such as calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood glucose and blood oxygen levels. It will also allow users to read messages sent by smartphones.

A parts manufacturer tells the site that Apple plans monthly output of about 3-5 million units. That is higher than total global sales of smartwatch devices last year.

As it mentioned in its WWDC keynote, Apple has teamed up with Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic to develop ways of analyzing collected health data and applying it to health management.

The company is also said to have a partnership with Nike. Sources tell the site that the two companies have likely agreed to integrate their services in the future and that Nike may eventually pull out of the device business to concentrate on services.

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Apple iWatch to Have Curved OLED Touchscreen, Collect Health Related Data, Arrive in October?

ANTONIO JULIO SOUSA - June 7, 2014 at 11:19pm
"Nike may eventually pull out of the device business to concentrate on services."?! Old story!! Already happened!! I'm beginning to believe this whole article is bunch of guesses! A remix of old news!
Nike - June 8, 2014 at 3:50am
Nike has not pulled out of the device business yet.
T Hui - June 7, 2014 at 7:44am
Who cares about who had what features first. The bottom line comes down to quality of the product. For the most part, Apple comes out with more quality features than Samsung or a few other companies that makes smartphones and/or tablets. Also, copying is part of technology and as long as u don't infringe on other patents, u are fine. There are some features that Samsung came out first and there are also some features that Apple came out first also. Doesn't matter, cause as I said quality is what matters.
Tony - June 7, 2014 at 5:55pm
T Hui- I never said that Apple didnt copy Samsung or the other way around, everyone copies something from another person. But if you are comparing quality build and parts, ask anyone you want, made in china (iPhone) is far more cheaper made then made in Korea (Samsung), and made in Japan is better then both. Another thing you have to keep in mind, as might as you guys all hate SAMSUNG, understand one thing, SAMSUNG has been in the phone business way more then APPLE. They have been around for 7 years... While Samsung has been making phones from day one. Now lets go to the quality built. Lets start wit hthe iphone 5. The black paint on the iphone 5 peels away scratches easily and if your living in a place where its -20 -30 degress good luck trying to hold your metal phone. Another issue that all iPhone 5 and 5S has was the power button which after a year later stops working and doesnt work, I have not had one single Samsung product including my 10 year old phone that has a button of any problmes what so ever. THATS QUALITY.. Not like apple where after a year later the power button does work or respond. That can be followed here: and the funny thing is this is only after 1 year lol... Thats premium parts you think ? Also if you compare this drop test: you can see that the Note 3 falling on the screen on a drop test still didnt break over the iPhone 5s... Samsung is far more innovated then apple is. Its just they need to improve the OS, if they change it to Tinzen then you will see how fast the device will be. If you load the same OS on both devices you will see that the Samsung will surpass apple in benchmark... Keep in mind its Samsung who made the first octa core CPU not apple, and also Samsung made the 64 bit... Its who makes it that counts... You can draw all day, but at the end who makes it reality SAMSUNG.
Groany - June 7, 2014 at 7:24pm
Tony, you are simply showing how stupid you are doing what it takes to knock some sense for yourself your way no one understands after ignoring reality as simple as we see it unlike the die hard defending shit. Many of the stuff you buy like clothes, electronics, houses, cars etc are assembled by parts sourced from different companies. That doesn't mean that the company that eventually sells the final product is selling a knock off or inferior product. Also it doesn't mean that the product isn't owned by the sad company. Parts are sourced from many companies so as to lower cost. Apple does this so well that with superior components, their phones still sell so well that they make so much profit. Any competitor trying to emulate the quality and style cannot make the price point to compete with Apple. You can shit out wishing myths all you want then suddenly you sound clueless, well guess what samshitter, you proved nothing because you always assume such crap, what's with you and your "we all know" bull shit therefore who the hell agrees with someone who fangasms 24/7 about how you trying to support a plastic toy that has no jd power, every time there is a chart post or a iPhone can now do this kind of topic, you ignore reality because you never learn to look back. You're the lazy arse jealous samsheep who will do anything to mind rape us. Just because samshit had their chance changes nothing, when was the last time they got a jd over a copied and now a rushed product or to be exact, TOY!? And this naming rant you whined about it's to prove who's the gimmick here which clearly explains why shit happens on your parade, so case closed to that mister gimmick critic.
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