Apple's Stock Undergoes 7-for-1 Split

Apple's Stock Undergoes 7-for-1 Split

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Apple's stock underwent a 7-for-1 split this weekend, converting a share that closed at $645.57 on Friday to seven shares valued at $92.22 this morning.

AAPL's prior 52-week range was $388.87 to $651.26 and its high was $705 back in 2012. Before the split, the consensus price target of the stock was $642.17.

Following the split, the new 52-week range became $55.55 to $93.03 and the old high became $100.74. The new consensus price target is now $91.73.

The company's previous dividend of $13.16 per year ($3.29 per quarter) is now shown as $1.88 per year or $0.47 per quarter.

The average daily trading volume of 9.9 million shares is now multiplied by seven to count as 69.3 million shares per day.

More details on adjusted analyst price targets at the link below...

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Apple's Stock Undergoes 7-for-1 Split

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imdguy - June 9, 2014 at 7:31pm
I dumped 1k on the stock today bought in at 92.30 - now it is up 1.60 for the day. APPL STOCK IS A NO BRAINER.
Elike Ike - June 9, 2014 at 3:26pm
What are the real implications of these digits for the average investor?
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