Jimmy Kimmel Shows People a $20 Casio Watch, Tells Them It’s Apple iWatch [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel Shows People a $20 Casio Watch, Tells Them It’s Apple iWatch [Video]

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Jimmy Kimmel is at it again. This time he is showing people a $20 Casio watch and telling them it's the Apple iWatch.

Apple is rumored to be working on what people are calling a “smart watch.” Since this is a product that does not exist yet, we thought we’d have some fun with it. We went out and showed people a device we claimed was the new Apple watch, but was actually a $20 Casio watch with an Apple logo glued to the back of it. It turns out there are some people who love Apple enough to look past that.

Check out their reactions to the watch below!

adam carolla - July 25, 2014 at 8:49am
the lady in pink had some jumbo boobs hell ya
Tony - July 25, 2014 at 1:34am
K- This is a perfect example of that moron that comes on here, thinks he knows something, people who buy Apple products are stupid, because you can even sell a 20.00 casio watch and put a sticker apple on it and people will buy it, People buy iphones cause its premium... hhaahhaha they just showed a plastic casio watch and they saw its good hahahaha... Now you see my point how many morons will buy their icrap devices no matter what it is on lol ahahahha... What you gotta say now K, another SAMSUNG remark. Lets here your stupid long ass story again, and me not even bothering reading it, cause you javascript: document.getElementById('form1').submit();can KISS MY ASS!
Groany - July 25, 2014 at 1:39am
NO ONE GIVES A SORRY SHIT ABOUT IT! LET IT BE YOU UNEDUCATED MINDLESS GIT!! That's exactly what your life is, make such old school excuse in an infinite loop even if it is something from 20 years ago, but why should that shit even matter nowadays, who wants pushable key buttons and a tiny ass screen that flips, the only thing flipping is your brain farting out cum spewing butthurt. Keep throwing money on plastic unstable toys, when iPhone 6 comes out next thing we all know you'll be all like "oh but samshit had bigger screen" "samshit had harder glass than that". Wait until they release movie sized phones, I'd love to see the die harded worshipper defend that, you'll be that much of a fun at parties like your parents were or better yet celebrate the shits and giggles for android beating iOS over malware, yeah I'd love to see you defend that shit just to simply show how stupid you are doing what it takes to knock some sense for yourself your way no one understands after ignoring reality as simple as we see it unlike the die hard defending shit. In fact keep running useless fat arse robot as it always has been, I'm happy with my 4" iPhone anyway so no one really give 2 damns about wannabe plastic toys trying to be iPhone in the first place. FYI first you start off with shit you expect was real and now you guessed k was here, what are you trying to be a wannabe psychic? It's all wish and pray here and there, let that sync in! lolololololol
Tony's momma - July 25, 2014 at 8:20pm
Unfortunately you can't fix stupid so your comments about Apple products also apply to SamShit products. Samshit customers are even dumber as is confirmed with your posts here and actually all your posts. God I regret birthing you ! What a genetic failure I have unleashed on the world. Don't come home for Christmas, you suck.
Grey - July 26, 2014 at 1:14am
I agree with you Tony...you speak the truth and low and behold a few people will be butt hurt over it and then straight to the Samsung trash talk. Even though Samsung was never mentioned they just had to do it so that the mindless worshipping of Apple can be justified. No wonder isheep's reputation of being a mindless idiots are true especially the one who gets all upset and personal over a silly comment. Ha ha too many dumb isheep on this forum.
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