Square Enix Releases Dragon Quest IV for iOS

Square Enix Releases Dragon Quest IV for iOS

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Square Enix has released Dragon Quest IV, the first instalment in the Zenithian Trilogy, for iOS.

This epic adventure, unfolding over five unique chapters, each focusing on a different cast of characters, can now be enjoyed on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad! Experience the full epic game with over 40 hours of gameplay in one standalone package!

In the far-flung corners of the world, our heroes’ stories are about to unfold...

Chapter 1: Ragnar McRyan and the Case of the Missing Children
Starring Ragnar McRyan, noble knight of bonnie Burland.

Chapter 2: Alena and the Journey to the Tourney
Starring Tsarevna Alena, tomboy princess, Kiryl the priest, her devoted follower, and Borya, the cantankerous conjurer who has watched over Alena since childhood.

Chapter 3: Torneko and the Extravagant Excavation
Starring Torneko Taloon, a weapon merchant chasing his lifelong dream.

Chapter 4: Meena and Maya and the Mahabala Mystery
Starring a pair of gifted sisters —Maya, the most alluring dancer in the entire world, and her fortune-telling sibling Meena—who will stop at nothing to avenge their father’s death.

Chapter 5: The Chosen
Starring a youthful hero destined to deliver the world from disaster.
At long last, the Chosen Ones, inseparably bound together by the thread of fate, set off to face their ultimate enemy!

・Party Talk
Chat with your loyal companions any time you like during your adventure!
They’ll tell you all kinds of interesting things, depending on where you are in the story, and what heroic feats you have accomplished!

・360-Degree Views
Rotate your viewpoint in towns and villages through a full 360 degrees to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

・Wagon Quest!
Once you have the wagon, you can take a team of up to ten companions around with you on your adventure, and swap them in and out of your party at will!

・AI Battles
Tired of giving orders? Your faithful companions can be instructed to fight automatically!
Use the various tactics at your disposal to see off even the toughest enemies with ease!

・The Casino
The old series favourite is back! Will you make a killing at the casino?
Try your luck at three fantastic games: slot machines, poker and monster battles!

・Chapter 6?
Experience an extra chapter past the ending and explore a challenging bonus dungeon.

You can purchase DARGON QUEST IV from the App Store for $14.99.

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Square Enix Releases Dragon Quest IV for iOSSquare Enix Releases Dragon Quest IV for iOSSquare Enix Releases Dragon Quest IV for iOS

Square Enix Releases Dragon Quest IV for iOSSquare Enix Releases Dragon Quest IV for iOS

Pompee - August 8, 2014 at 7:07pm
U can always have the option to download a cracked one if you really like this game
overpriced_much - August 7, 2014 at 5:56pm
wow, I've never paid more than 4 bucks for an ios game and im not going to start... will wait for them to come to their senses.
sdsdfsdfsdf - August 7, 2014 at 5:38pm
I have fond childhood memories of DARGON Quest IV...
Steven - August 7, 2014 at 2:41pm
$14.99 ... ... ... ... ... Nah I'm good