Intel Reveals Details About Its Broadwell 14 Nanometer Processor

Intel Reveals Details About Its Broadwell 14 Nanometer Processor

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Intel today shared some details on its next-generation 14-nanometer broad well processors, which will most likely make their way into next-generation MacBooks across 2015. Intel's Broadwell Core M chips will deliver better performance and lower power consumption, bringing even better battery life to MacBooks. Since the chip's low wattage design allows for fan-less operation, we could see notebook devices get even thinner in the coming months.

Intel outlined the key points of the new 14nanometer processor in a press release today.

● The combination of the new microarchitecture and manufacturing process will usher in a wave of innovation in new form factors, experiences and systems that are thinner and run silent and cool.

● Intel architects and chip designers have achieved greater than two times reduction in the thermal design point when compared to a previous generation of processor while providing similar performance and improved battery life.

● The new microarchitecture was optimized to take advantage of the new capabilities of the 14nm manufacturing process.

● Intel has delivered the world's first 14nm technology in volume production. It uses second-generation Tri-gate (FinFET) transistors with industry-leading performance, power, density and cost per transistor.

● Intel's 14nm technology will be used to manufacture a wide range of high-performance to low-power products including servers, personal computing devices and Internet of Things.

● The first systems based on the Intel Core M processor will be on shelves for the holiday selling season followed by broader OEM availability in the first half of 2015.

● Additional products based on the Broadwell microarchitecture and 14nm process technology will be introduced in the coming months.

The current 22 nanometer Haswell chips found in MacBooks were originally released in 2014 and brought double the battery life than its predecessor.

Apple is said to be working on a slimmer 12-inch MacBook Air that has a fan-less design, however reports claim that due to Broadwell delays, it might not ship until 2015.

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Intel Reveals Details About Its Broadwell 14 Nanometer Processor

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