Apple Invites Unprecedented Number of Fashion Reporters to Its Press Event

Apple Invites Unprecedented Number of Fashion Reporters to Its Press Event

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Apple has invited an unprecedented number of fashion editors and bloggers to its press event on September 9th, signalling that that as expected, the company will unveil a wearable device, reports Reuters. The company is likely looking to form closer ties to the fashion world which may be a critical factor for the success of its iWatch.

A smartwatch would represent Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook's first real new product since taking the baton from Steve Jobs. Several fashion media editors told Reuters they received invitations for the first time to an annual September product-launch, which they took as confirmation of a wristwatch in the wings.

"I assume it's because they are unveiling a wearable," said Lea Goldman of Marie Claire magazine, a first-time invitee. "This suggests Apple is serious about tapping into the fashion world, which often sits on the sidelines."

"It confirms that they have a play in wearables and that they want to appeal to the fashion world, and not just technology consumers," said Lauren Indvik, editor in chief for Fashionista and another first-time invitee.

Last month, Apple reportedly held a "first-of-its-kind event" at an Apple Store in New York during which the company showcased fashion and retail apps to a group of style editors. It's also been hiring numerous employees from the fashion industry including: Patrick Pruniaux, former vice president of Tag Heuer's global sales and retail; Angela Ahrendts, former chief executive of Burberry Inc; and Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent.

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Apple Invites Unprecedented Number of Fashion Reporters to Its Press Event
[Apple is building a massive structure at the location of its press event]

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