Guess CEO of Watches Writes Open Letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook Welcoming Him to the Industry

Guess CEO of Watches Writes Open Letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook Welcoming Him to the Industry

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Cindy Livingston, the President & CEO of Guess Watches, has written and open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook welcoming him to the industry and offering her personal thanks.

Here's the full letter:


Dear Mr. Cook:

I wanted to write to you and welcome you to the Watch Industry and also offer my personal thanks to you.

As one of the largest fashion watch brands in the world, we have been around for more than 30 years. In the early 80's, there was really only SWATCH (the brand) and GUESS Watches. At that time, we had many critics who thought we were crazy. No one thought that anyone would want this new type of "novelty" timepiece. They believed that the only "real" alternatives were Swiss mechanicals or traditional quartz timepieces. Fortunately for us, consumers thought differently!

We are part of an old and proud industry. Every year we've experienced change in some way. Over these years, we have seen the introduction of quartz movements, the rise and fall of calculator watches, digitals, analogue-digitals and many many brands, both big and small. It seems that the test of time has shown that the wrist is an obvious place for both function and fashion.

Fast-forward to today and the world has changed. The proliferation of smartphones and the demand of consumers for round-the-clock connectivity have changed the way people access time. This has caused an understandable fear and challenge in our industry (even if no one likes to admit it).

We personally welcome this new challenge to remain relevant to our young, sexy and adventurous consumers who see as much importance in the device they carry and the messaging app they use, as the clothing and accessory brands they buy.

Over the past year, there has been dramatic speculation of the future of "wearables" and Apple's entre into this segment. This week, you delivered! Just as we had in the early 80's, there are naysayers and believers. I, for one, am a fan! Your innovation and attention to detail is spectacular.

In today's connected world, consumers deserve the next level of combining fashion and function. We've always been much more than a watch. Now, we too are going to take that concept even further. As we look forward to the launch of our own connected timepiece for GUESS... "Powered by MARTIAN", we're happy to have another true brand innovator in our industry that confirms the wrist as the dominant place for self-expression.


Cindy Livingston

If you haven't read up on the Apple Watch already you can do so here. Or, you can watch the video here. There are 34 models you can choose from. Check out the hands-on videos here.

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Guess CEO of Watches Writes Open Letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook Welcoming Him to the Industry

Lol - September 15, 2014 at 1:10am
Guess wants Apple to buy them obvious. Lol Follow the beat.
james - September 15, 2014 at 12:49am
Peter Kofmehl - September 14, 2014 at 10:17pm
Yes: It's a Special watch, the Apple Watch. But no more. Please not compare with Swiss Watch. It's so different... I am Apple-Fan for many things.
The Swedish - September 14, 2014 at 8:13pm
the watch industry had been plagued by so call entrepreneurs;guess, fosil and may other brands and now apple, but what hey don't know yet is that they ruined the watch industry, and by the way there isn't a better watch than a swizz time watch. Americans are idiots in making watches, they all want to imitate Switzerland.
Tmel4198 - September 14, 2014 at 10:27pm
Another moron commenting bullshit no one wants to hear...
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