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Leaked Memo Shows iPhone Importance to AT&T

Leaked Memo Shows iPhone Importance to AT&T

Posted July 2, 2009 at 3:37pm · 12 comments · Add Comment
ricardo - July 2, 2009 at 11:50pm
whats the big deal about the 3gs? voice control? wow how many people will actually use it after 2 weeks? video recorder? ok fine better camera thats it. im on tmobile and i can do tethering and mms that still att dont have on their network for the iphone. buahahaha. come onn seriously, apple si becoming a joke when it comes to the iphones. they cant service ur phone because u bought it from some one else just cuz u dont have att, wtf is that . like i told them today when i took a broken iphone that i got as a gift , i told them that i didnt have att because i refused to get att cuz of their prices and they refused to fix my phone because i was violating the policy , im like wtf i bought one of ur products that still has 6 months warraty on it and just cuz i dont have att u cant fix it? , ,the guy pissed me off so badly that i yelled in front of a full store to the guy to go f*** himself and trew the phone at him ans missed by an inch and the phone just chattered in the wall. i got kicked out of the apple store but i left with a big smile on my face. it so freaking ridiculous . i have about 9k in apple products and never had such an anger towards them but this att shit its just too much. i cant wait until they get droped and go down crying like little bitches cuz all their customers that have iphone will be dropping them and switching to tmobile or some other gsm network in the us. i will always smile and say F*** YOU AT&T.
MZ - July 2, 2009 at 6:10pm
I posted the folowing comment about this article on another site, but i gonna include it here anyyway: "The thing I find funny is that the day AT&T;loses its exclusivity contract (which i have a feeling might happen due to the increased tension btw them and Apple), they are gonna be setting some new records as well, but not necessarily good ones lol. They might do alright for the first year or two, until peoples contracts start to expire, then they will sit and watch as iphone customers steadily stream out. I personally cant wait for the iPhone to work on another carrier, so i could switch to someone that actually VALUES my business, not someone trying to take advantage of the fact that they can nickle and dime me (more like dollar and ten me lol) every chance they get cus they have a monopoly on the iphone, and then wont allow me to use the phone to its full potential. I mean i dont really care about MMS, but its really fucked up that AT&T;blocks all iPhone messaging plans from sending MMS, even though we pay as much as the next guy who has the ability on his POS razor for example. AT&T really had the chance to revolutionize the cell phone market, and be the best of the best worldwide as lurker was saying above. However, thier management is either really greedy or really stupid, or both, and although thier greed may be lining thier pockets now, it will also be the reason why thier pockets will be empty in the future. To be honest, i would love to see AT&T get thier shit together, but i doubt it. I just wish they would realize that the ONLY reason i am thier customer is because i wanted an iphone. I didnt get the iphone because i was thier customer or liked thier service. There is a big distinction, and if they dont realise this, then F*** THEM!"
Jeff - July 2, 2009 at 6:29pm
Well, Said.. And once AT&T isn't the only one with the iPhone You will see a lot of changes made. Once AT&T looses this, I think DEALS will start and all of a sudden Better Service and Customer Care. I DON'T think AT&T sees how much people are getting tired of this. I read somewhere the MMS was to be active by the end of "THIS" month, but I'd NOT hold my Breath. And Yes, MMS isn't all that to me, but should be there as the iPhone now supports it Again AT&T dropped the ball.. And if there are Extra Charges for MMS or Tethering, I think another Storm is A-Brew!
MZ - July 2, 2009 at 7:16pm
True. IMO, I think Apple truly regrets the current arrangement with AT&T, and didnt realise AT&T would be as bad as they were. It has gotten to the point where AT&T is making Apple look bad since thier product cant be used as advertised (just ask all those ppl that bought a 3G but cant get a decent 3G signal so they can enjoy double the speed, not to mention MMS and tethering, dropped calls, expensive data packages, etc). Apple and Steve Jobs are too smart to allow AT&T to hold them back, and drag them down with them. When Apple first negotiated this agreement, they made it with Cingular executives...not AT&T. The companies had not merged yet. In fact, it was Cingular programers that worked with Apple to create visual voicemail, and if you guys remember, it was Cingular executives that were present at the WWDC when the original iPhone was announced, and were boasting about the spirit of cooperation btw them and Apple. However, when the Cingular-AT&T merger finally went through before the 2G launch date, and the companies became AT&T, customer service and that whole spirit of cooperation stuff went out the window, and AT&Ts policies prevailed as thier executives were basically in charge. Apple was basically dealing with AT&T, not the original Cingular guys who actually understood apples needs. And basically thats when the relationship btw them and Apple slowly started to deteriorate with each stupid AT@T move. I dont think Apple foresaw that the merger would end up with AT&T acting the way it is, thus they will prob give them the boot in 2010.
FV - July 6, 2009 at 9:07pm
completely agree with you guys. AT&T. I'm also sick and tired of them making wathever they want with millions of customers that they're lucky to have just because of the iPhone. Like one of you guys said I'll just sit and wait what they're gonna do when ppl's contracts expire and they start loosing customers.-
Jeff - July 2, 2009 at 5:12pm
Amazing, NOW get MMS and Tethering Done. You Jack-Asses had know about the release of 3GS and Make Record Sales, But this SHOWS you don't give a SHIT about the customers! For ONCE think of OUR iPHONE DELIVERED! Not your Bottom Line Delivered!
Johnny - July 2, 2009 at 5:35pm
YES!!!!!!! i am with you on that one Jeff...im tired of having to do certain things (im not saying what) to get mms to work on my iPhone on 3.0 wen it should've already been supported when it hit the streets!!! And as far as AT&T charging for tethering....hmmm....i don't think thats fair either being as how we ALREADY pay for UNLIMITED data plans for $30! We should get a free puppy with what we pay for monthly for the iPhone
Johnny - July 2, 2009 at 5:51pm
YES!!!!!!! i am with you on that one Jeff...im tired of having to do certain things (im not saying what) to get mms to work on my iPhone on 3.0 wen it should've already been supported when it hit the streets!!! And as far as AT&T charging for tethering....hmmm....i don't think thats fair either being as how we ALREADY pay for UNLIMITED data plans for $30! We should get a free puppy with what we pay for monthly for the iPhone.
Gmoney - July 2, 2009 at 4:34pm
This is a load of B.S. The biggest payday for at&t was the release of the original iphone, and then 2nd place goes to the iphone 3g. Look at the lines that were there for each launch day and it will show u the reality of the matter.
Andrew - July 2, 2009 at 5:14pm
Yup have to agree, memo my back side! This is a PR stunt to trigger more 3Gs sales, i have yet to see anyone with the new iphone - i met lots of people when the first and 3G iphones came out and i for one wont be getting a 3Gs theres just not enough of a technological advance for me to get excited about.
MZ - July 2, 2009 at 6:05pm
The long lines dont actually mean they sold a lot more phones. The reason there were long lines for the 2G and 3G was due to short supply, big hype, limited distribution channels, activation troubles, etc. Although the shortages we somewhat planned to create hype and the perception of exclusivity, Apple and AT&T have gotten thier shit together since those launches and the process is a lot smoother now. For the launch days of the 2G and 3G, you could only get the phone at an AT&T or Apple store. However, with the 3Gs launch you could get the phone at a physical Apple store, a physical AT&T store, the online Apple store, the online AT&T store, at Best Buy, or at Walmart (which is where i got mine cus it was the only place not sold out), thus giving more people access at multiple locations. Just cus you didnt see lines, doesnt mean no ones buying. Plus the people that bought the 2G and 3G were mainly early adopters, while people buying the 3Gs are those same early adopters plus everyone and thier momma lol.
MZ - July 2, 2009 at 6:26pm
Actually, you might be right to a certain extent. I was thinkin total 3Gs sales at launch, not AT&T specific iPhone sales. Like you say, they could be just trying to hype up the 3Gs to make it seem like everyones getting one so people think that maybe they should go out and buy one too, but i still think there might be some truth to the memo
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