January 29, 2023
Tim Cook Makes Personal Donation to Gay Rights Campaign in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi

Tim Cook Makes Personal Donation to Gay Rights Campaign in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi

Posted December 18, 2014 at 9:15pm by iClarified · 10029 views
Apple CEO Tim Cook, the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 1,000 company, is donating money to help find a gay rights campaign in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Project One America, an initiative of the Human Rights Campaign, is a public relations effort to "build acceptance for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in the states." Some campaign efforts include advertising on TV, posting flyers, and more. While the amount of Tim Cook's contribution was not disclosed, the organization called it a "substantial" investment.

"We hope Tim Cook's substantial personal investment inspires others to support this vital and historic project," a spokesman for Human Rights Campaign said in an email. Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet confirmed the donation, saying "It's a personal donation from Tim."

Chad Griffin, President of the Human Rights Campaign, announced the donation in blog post on the organization's website.

When Tim first learned about HRC's Project One America – our bold, comprehensive campaign to dramatically advance equality for LGBT Americans in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi – he said, “I'm in.” Thanks to his generous personal financial investment in the program, together we will move the needle forward at the local and state level, tearing down misperceptions and providing concrete protections for those who need it most.

In 2015, we'll continue this work with greater urgency than ever before. And thanks to the deep, personal generosity of Tim Cook, and the support of our 1.5 million members and supporters across the country, we'll keep making progress every day.

Back in October, Tim Cook wrote a powerful personal essay on being gay and social progress.

Read More via ABC News

Tim Cook Makes Personal Donation to Gay Rights Campaign in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi
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David - December 20, 2014 at 2:46pm
The only ones I see pushing their beliefs here are the angry Christians. Not all Christians. Just some of them. Not everyone believes what the bible says so it is of no importance. Nature has plenty of homosexuality and that's ok. For some people the purpose of life is to reproduce. Not for everyone. The world has enough crappy Christians already. It is those who attack the feel an agendA was pushed when the minority defends itself. No one becomes gay either. Science has found so many lost cities and no one has found those Sodom and Gomorra. Besides those are different than normal everyday rights.
Forrest - December 20, 2014 at 10:13am
The history repeats it self, we're looking to the next SODOM AND GOMORRAH in the US, this homosexuality has been mentioned in three deferent religious books and history books, it's wrong, it's even against human rights, it's wrong in every way you can think about it, for example: it is wrong according to how human body was physically made ( your a*ss hole was meant to lead your sh*it out of your body not to take d*ck up inside, besides it's tight and dry, and f*cking dirty ), second example it's wrong according to the purpose of life, the purpose of life is to keep going, to reproduce, so you can't have kids if you get f*ucked in the a*ss you Moron, and you can't get a man pregnant nor a woman can get a woman, so imagine every body become gay the life as we know it will come to an end, no natural children can be born again probably only pipe children then those children are going to be thrown into an orphanage or they will be raised by gay parents which in both cases they will grow up in a very confusing situation and certainly they'll develop new mental behaviors probably more extreme and strange sexual desires like pedophilia or zoophilia, do you think those should be given equal rights too ? Some day they'll claim their rights too !! Think about it. we witnessed many medical statement that this situation (gay) should be handled as soon as possible, this gay behavior led to the appearances of many sexual diseases one of them is the HIV and many more STDs, so where are we going with this ? This equal rights is a big f*cking lie, and a well cooked polished colored conspiracy, it was meant to take the society down, man was born to be a man and so is a woman ( except for those who were born with physical defects and they need to correct their gender) the rest with a fully functional organs need to have a special treatments, psychological treatment, and they should be fine, we were given the sexual desires to ensure life continuances.
Wtf - December 18, 2014 at 11:30pm
Since the 90's same sex attraction people have been pushing for this equality nonsense..... Let's call it what it is, SPECIAL RIGHTS. If you live in America you already have equal rights!!! This is another example of the minority of people pushing their beliefs on the rest of us who actually vote and say NO TO SAME SEX MARRIAGE, for example, and have some ludicrous judge change the law despite the fact that the American public voted NO! This is not democracy! If you want they same LEGAL rights as married people, hire a good attorney! They can do that, just stop watching TV, get your head out of your rear and do the research! Ok, I'm done now! Merry Christmas Everyone!
YoloSwag240 - December 19, 2014 at 12:09am
Yes they have equal rights but a lot of the time people discriminate them and refuse them just because of being homosexual
StewartG - December 19, 2014 at 1:56am
Damn straight :)
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