Apple Stealthly Acquired Acunu Data Analysis Company

Apple Stealthly Acquired Acunu Data Analysis Company

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Apple stealthy acquired Acunu, a data analysis company which offered low latency analytics, powering dashboards and embedded applications for infrastructure monitoring, web analytics, IoT and other high arrival rate applications, reports Bloomberg.

News of the acquisition comes after word spread that Apple had acquired FoundationDB, a company specializing in NoSQL databases.

Both purchases show Apple is placing more emphasis on the development of solid data infrastructure to help provide services to its legions of global consumers beyond iPhones and iPads. Acunu produced technology to provide analytics on databases. Its technology can work with and improve other tools, like the free Cassandra database, which Apple runs on several thousand computers.

Acunu's CTO Tim Moreton began working as a manager in the iCloud division back in December 2013 and throughout the beginning of 2013 other Acunu employees changed their LinkedIn profiles to reflect new positions at Apple.

With the scale of Apple's cloud services ever increasing, these acquisitions will hopefully improve performance and stability for end users.

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Apple Stealthly Acquired Acunu Data Analysis Company