Things To-Do App for Apple Watch Now Available [Video]

Things To-Do App for Apple Watch Now Available [Video]

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Cultured Code has announced the release of its Things to-do app for the Apple Watch.

Things has always had a unique feature that lets you curate your very own Today list: everything you want to accomplish on a given day goes there—be it individual to-dos, to-dos from various different projects, or even entire projects themselves. After you’ve compiled your list for the day, all you need to do is follow through. As with your health goals, this is easier said than done. The Watch, we believe, is the perfect companion to help you stay on track.

Things To-Do App for Apple Watch Now Available [Video]Things To-Do App for Apple Watch Now Available [Video]Things To-Do App for Apple Watch Now Available [Video]

Today’s To-Dos at a Glance
As you go about your day, the quickest way to access your to-dos is by pulling up Things’ Glance—just raise your wrist and swipe up on the watch face to see it. Two things are prominently displayed here: the next few outstanding to-dos for today, as well as the progress you’ve made so far. There’s also a nice little graph that tracks your performance over the past few days.

Tapping anywhere on the Glance opens the main app, and brings you directly into your full Today list where you can quickly mark your to-dos complete as you go.

Each accomplishment doesn’t go unrewarded: there’s a nice animation as you check off your items, and the ring at the top inches forward as you progress through the day.

Quick Decisions
If you tap on a to-do, you’ll see all relevant information: its title, the project it belongs to, its notes, as well as its due date. This gives you all the information you need to decide how to proceed with the to-do.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this screen, you can also tap to dictate some notes, or change the due date.

Adding To-Dos
With Siri, you can add new to-dos to Things right from your Apple Watch. Just press and hold the digital crown, or say “Hey Siri, remember to contact Sarah about our trip”. This sends the new to-do to Things’ Inbox where you can process it later.

Inside the app, you can also tap the + button in the top right to dictate your to-do. If you want to work on it right away, move it from the Inbox to your Today list with a quick tap.

Work with Projects
If you know you’ll mostly be working on a given project throughout the day, you can simply mark that project with a star on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone and it will show up on your Apple Watch, together with all its to-dos.

Fully Integrated
Things for Apple Watch is integrated with Things Cloud for seamless updates across all your devices. Every thing you dictate; every task you complete; every due date you set; every change you make—it’s all passed over and synchronised instantly with your Mac and iPad via the iPhone app.

Also, if you’ve scheduled to-dos for a certain date, Things for Apple Watch can remind you in the morning on that day. This gives you a chance to review them so you don’t miss anything important. Just turn it on in Things for iPhone, and choose a time for your alert.

Official Changelog:
Things is now available for Apple Watch, included for free with your purchase of Things for iPhone:
- Have all of your to-dos for the day easily accessible on your wrist, and mark them complete as you go.
- Glance at your upcoming to-dos with a quick swipe on the watch face.
- Focus on to-dos in specific projects.
- Get notified daily of tasks that have become due.
- Easily postpone to-dos for later.
- Track your progress throughout the day to see how much you’ve done.
- Quickly enter new to-dos just by speaking to Siri.
- Automatically syncs with Things on your Mac and iPad.

You can purchase Things from the App Store for $9.99.

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Things To-Do App for Apple Watch Now Available [Video]Things To-Do App for Apple Watch Now Available [Video]