Apple Watch Intro by Steve Jobs [Video]

Apple Watch Intro by Steve Jobs [Video]

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Besides being an amazing visionary, Steve Jobs also had a brilliant way of speaking at Keynotes where he introduced new products. The Apple Watch was Apple's first major product category launch without Jobs, but that didn't stop a YouTuber creating a Steve Jobs reveal of the Apple Watch. To make the video, the user took the Apple Watch reveal video and added quotes from Jobs at other product announcements and keynotes.

Take a look at the video below, which shows the Apple Watch revealed by Steve Jobs.

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EyeClarified - June 4, 2015 at 5:22pm
The fact is if Steve Jobs was alive...... today, there would be NO APPLE WATCH! .....simply because he hated wearing them and would have refused to endorse something he didn't use himself! That's the cold hard reality of the fact.... that Apple Watch is Tim Cook's product launched under his rulership. Anything else is pure unadulterated fantasy. While not just let Tim Cook have take all the credit instead of trying put words into Steve's now long silent mouth! Give credit where credit is due and stop trying to make out like Steve Jobs would have endorsed Apple watch when he hated watches as being pretentious gaudy self adornments. When he always went for Simple Functionality over flamboyant self adulation or taking credit for something he hated. Just like giant phones and FLASH!!! He was right about both. Phones will get smaller, not bigger and Flash is all but gone already. Hated by anyone into things that simply WORK!!!
EyeWatch - June 4, 2015 at 6:20pm
Like I did, Steve may hate wearing jewelry but what about making something for his fans. Think about the iPhone for example. What if he hated phones like that? Would he reject making something like that just because he would hate it? That would not just mean not giving fans what they wanted, but not help define what smartphones did offer. Compared to the watch, who cares if he hated it or not? That doesn't mean he wouldn't make it or continue his legacy he created in which was passed down to cook, and if you think about it, what other way to make an Apple product more personal than the past than the iPhone's and iPads? Aside from that, people also have been asking for larger screen phones since the release of iPhone 5, so with that said about how it bought many android switchers, Jobs still would have held back from making more satisfying products or add any more revolutionary ones in history of Apple products. I'm not saying he would have failed, but not expanding on it, hence there even existed an iWatch that was built like regular watches. It didn't have any electronic components, just a Swiss watch from many wears back. Like it or not, a watch by Apple existed during and after his life. The app,e watch was the second watch. The flash, you have a real point since we waited for HTML5 to take advantage after all these years, but for the advantage of flash content to run, it's done within apps and not entirely on the product. I can go on comparing the past to present here but I hope you now understand with the original watch and the current watch. It's a tale of two watches.
wittybob - June 4, 2015 at 4:03pm
Steve, if you are holding the watch in your hands, then... "You are holding it wrong."
Ren - June 4, 2015 at 4:04pm
You don't say.
EyeClarified - June 4, 2015 at 3:29pm
I don't really want to step on video, with this idea that Steve Jobs would have actually hated Apple Watch, but the truth is the truth and can't be changed. Steve Jobs absolutely unequivocally hated wearing jewelry of any sort (except his wedding band). Which he called extremely pretentious adornments. He refused to wear the classic FDR trademark "Glancing at Watch" elbow on the Presidential Desktop for Apple's infamous FDR commercial! There is no creditable video or picture evidence that he ever wore a watch, even at WWDC product introductions. In his original iPhone presentation and there after he was repeated quoted as saying iPhone would indeed replace everyone's watches! And that's my iClarified Truth for this attempt to put words in Steve Jobs's mouth, he never would have said about Apple watch anyway. Because Apple Watch is Tim Cook's baby..... not Steve Jobs!!!
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