Apple Watch 2 to Feature FaceTime Camera, Independent Wi-Fi, New Models, Similar Battery?

Apple Watch 2 to Feature FaceTime Camera, Independent Wi-Fi, New Models, Similar Battery?

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Just a day after the Apple Watch became available in retails stores, details about the next generation smartwatch have emerged, reports 9to5Mac.

Sources tell the site that Apple is currently planning to integrate a FaceTime video camera into the top bezel of the Apple Watch 2, letting users make and receive FaceTime calls on their wrist. Notably, watchOS 2.0 will allow first generation customers to answer FaceTime audio calls from the Apple Watch and route video calls to their iPhone.

Another improvement planned for the Apple Watch, is the ability for it to operate more independently of the iPhone. One big improvement will be a new and 'more dynamic' wireless chipset. An iPhone will likely still be needed for large data transfers such as software update and synchronization of media. However, regular functions such as messages, email, and weather will operate independent of the iPhone. In addition, the new Wi-Fi chip will enable a Find My Watch feature that works using Wi-Fi router triangulation.

Interestingly, Apple doesn't plan major improvements in battery life. The company's research found that the average customer ends the day with 30% to 40% battery life remaining. Thus, Apple reportedly believes that it can satisfy customers by keeping or slightly improving the current battery life while adding more advanced hardware.

There are many Apple Watch variations to choose from already; however, Apple is reportedly focusing on introducing even more models that sit between the high-end stainless steel and the entry-level 18-karat gold Edition. The company wants to attract customers at price points that fall between $1,000 and $10,000. Perhaps this will mean new materials such as titanium, tungsten, palladium or platinum. It could also mean new higher end bands.

It's believed that the Apple Watch 2 will ship in 2016. The company prototypes various models before deciding one to ship, so there is plenty of time for plans to change before next year.

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Apple Watch 2 to Feature FaceTime Camera, Independent Wi-Fi, New Models, Similar Battery?

Araab - June 20, 2015 at 7:10pm
Of course they are making this watch completely crap. To all you trolls that buy first generation apple products a big fuvk you... U trolls
Mlutalo - June 20, 2015 at 9:25am
My advise to APPLE leave the competition and think about your lovely clients who really love and like your products , please think of class because Steve jobs died it doesn't mean you just be like sumsung you can't even explain which phone is on market wen someone asks
Ben Gmail - June 19, 2015 at 4:14pm
I could see that coming. That's why I didn't want to waste my $$$ on something that their competitors had built in camera for years now. what a waste! I always tend to get the second generation of their products. Apple is known to make the best commercials for their products and iSheeps love that shit! I get it Apple makes good quality (2nd generation) products...but come on give me a brake...
wilsonmac - June 19, 2015 at 12:29pm
i must say, i liked apple better when they were all about making good products, rather than sucking up consumers money.
Anonymous - June 19, 2015 at 5:48am
And that's the reason why I patiently wait for 3-4 generations to pass by before I buy another Apple product. I bought a 3gs when it first came out, then next is the iphone 6. Saved a lot of bullsh*t product from apple. Always little upgrade a year
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