Apple to Build 'Next Generation' Retail Store in Memphis Area

Apple to Build 'Next Generation' Retail Store in Memphis Area

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Apple is planning to update its Germantown store in the Memphis area to a 'next generation' retail store design, reports the Memphis Daily News.

The retailer has applied for a $1.5 million building permit through the city-county Office of Construction Code Enforcement for a new storefront and interior renovation at 2031 West St., within the Shops of Saddle Creek South. Apple’s current store is at 7615 W. Farmington Blvd., in the Shops of Saddle Creek North.

The Germantown Design Review Commission unanimously approved Apple's plans which involve modifying a brick facade to a three panel glass front.

Apple's Rick Millitello presented the plan to the design commission: “Our project is the next generation of retail store that we’re rolling out, and that’s the design concept that we have – and we’re really excited because this is going to be one of the first, if it’s approved, that we build,” Millitello said. “So we’re really excited to expand in Germantown and we’re excited to see the result of all the work that we’ve put in to develop this design.”

Other key design aspects include a matte granite reinforced panel on the exterior, natural oak tables inside, a changeable display that will include living plants at times, TV displays that change and artwork, and more.

The new retail store design will roll out in some overseas stores this fall and the Memphis area store will be part of the initial rollout in the United States.

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Apple to Build 'Next Generation' Retail Store in Memphis Area

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AMPY - September 1, 2015 at 8:19pm
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