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Apple is Allegedly Working on a New Magic Keyboard With E-Ink Display Keys

Apple is Allegedly Working on a New Magic Keyboard With E-Ink Display Keys

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Apple is allegedly working on a new Magic Keyboard that will feature customizable e-ink display keys.

A source going by the name of Foxconninsider on reddit claims to have seen the new Macbook keyboard module design and Apple's 2018 E Ink Magic Keyboard at a Foxconn event held on the Tsinghua university campus (like the Chinese MIT). Reddit moderators have confirmed his/her identity.

The E-Ink Magic Keyboard seen is reportedly a DFT model (DFT is design for testing).

Foxconn hosted the demo day on campus at their Innoconn Incubator with startups they have invested in. It is the same science park as Apple's new 300m R&D center. They had an Australian startup which I recognised from a Wired Germany magazine from last year. The startup Sonder makes a smart keyboard module, it has a new magnetic mechanical mechanism and a lit E Ink display which allows for swapping shortcuts and languages etc. I saw it swap between a few programs and languages (English, Japanese, Taiwanese layouts etc).

A Foxconn executive said that Apple was closing an acquisition for Sonder and it would provide a big return of investment for Foxconn International Holdings and E Ink Holdings.

The source was unable to film the Apple DTF model at the event or MacBook keyboard but says the final design for Macbooks was similar but has every key as a screen and had a lighting panel. The MacBooks could be launched as early as this month.

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Magickeyboardguy - October 13, 2016 at 1:51pm
And... the magic is? Harry potter do the delivery? Nothing new here
ottifant - October 15, 2016 at 8:41am
Not new? A Keyboard that adapts to any language? Can I buy this already? Cool! Please provide a link! Thanks a lot!
Oldtech - October 15, 2016 at 9:10am
This is a random one, but I remember like 6 years ago there was one that do exactly that, every key was a screen. Nothing new here can not post links Art. Lebedev Studio Optimus Popularis Keyboard Or this. Optimus-Maximus-OLED-keyboard There are more use google (a new search website) to find more If you are not aware of new tech, is not my fault The magic keyboard is nothing new.