Apple Seeks Approval to Expand Manufacturing in Mesa, Arizona

Apple Seeks Approval to Expand Manufacturing in Mesa, Arizona

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Apple is seeking to expand its manufacturing activity in Mesa, Arizona according to a notification of proposed production activity submitted to the FTZ Board by the City of Mesa Office of Economic Development on behalf of the company.

Apple already has authority to produce certain components for consumer electronics; however, the current request would add finished products and foreign status materials/components to the scope of authority.

It appears as though the first product Apple plans to make with this expansion is finished server assembly cabinets (duty-free) for its data centers.

Materials Apple wants to source from abroad include: Tape; plastic boxes; polyethylene bags; plastic bags; plastic packing; plastic washers; rubber washers; rubber spacers; steel screw hooks; steel screws; steel nuts; steel standoff; steel spring washers; steel washers, not spring/lock type; steel rivets; steel cotter pins; steel springs; steel springs, of wire; steel baffles; copper washers; copper boss; copper nuts; nickel fasteners; aluminum screws; aluminum hooks; metal hinges; metal brackets; fans; fan blades, fan unit housings; servers; input/output units; storage units; smart cables; card readers; server housing/enclosures; printed circuit board assemblies; electric motors; transformers; static converters; inductors; magnets; lithium batteries; lithium polymer batteries; routers and network switches; microphones; CDs, software; solid state drives; semiconductor media; monitors; capacitors; fuses; circuit breakers; power strips; relays; switches; electrical connectors; optical fiber cable connectors; terminals; power strips with rack mounts; diodes; transistors; thyristors; LEDs; electronic integrated circuits; infrared LED strips; data server cables; copper and power cables; cables; optical fiber cables; metal furniture; and, server rack rails (duty rate ranges from duty-free to 8.6%).

Rumor has it that Apple has asked Foxconn and Pegatron to investigate the feasibility of making iPhones in America following a push to bring manufacturing back to America by President-Elect Trump.

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Apple Seeks Approval to Expand Manufacturing in Mesa, Arizona

Edwin - January 10, 2017 at 8:07pm
Thanks to Trump...