Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'You Will See Us Do More in the Pro Area'

Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'You Will See Us Do More in the Pro Area'

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Apple CEO Tim Cook reassured investors that company is still focused on its professional customers at a shareholder meeting today, reports MacRumors.

"You will see us do more in the pro area," Cook said. "The pro area is very important to us. The creative area is very important to us in particular."

Despite this statement, Apple hasn't updated its Mac Pro in 1100 days, its iMac in over 500 days, and its Mac mini in 860 days. For many customers in fields that demand cutting edge technology, the situation has become untenable.

"Don't think something we've done or something that we're doing that isn't visible yet is a signal that our priorities are elsewhere," Cook told investors.

We haven't heard anything about updates to the Mac Pro or Mac mini yet, but it's possible Apple could unveil new iMacs next month.

Cook also commented on the possible convergence of Mac and iPad.

"Expect us to do more and more where people will view it as a laptop replacement, but not a Mac replacement - the Mac does so much more," he said. "To merge these worlds, you would lose the simplicity of one, and the power of the other."

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Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'You Will See Us Do More in the Pro Area'

Captain Japan - March 1, 2017 at 12:14am
Whatever. You're useless. Bring an innovator into Apple. You're just riding Steve Jobs' coattails.
M&MM - February 28, 2017 at 10:06pm
bring decent photo software back!!!
Hey - February 28, 2017 at 8:20pm
You take iOS away......ooof kinda scary to think where Apple would be. Imagine no iPhone sales, Apple would be $harting a brick .