Apple Rumored to Integrate Siri Into iMessage, iCloud With iOS 11

Apple Rumored to Integrate Siri Into iMessage, iCloud With iOS 11

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Apple is planning to integrate its Siri personal assistant into iMessage and iCloud with iOS 11, according to a report from The Verifier.

Citing information received directly from the development teams based in Israel and the US, the site says Siri will soon get an AI update allowing it to learn usage habits and offer different action options depending on the context.

A big area of improvement will allegedly be Siri's integration into iMessage:

Siri will be able to give suggestions to relevant restaurants within the conversation, check when everyone is available, offer navigation to the destination and even book and drive via Uber or another service taxi directly from the message screen intuitively .

In addition, Siri will purportedly be integrated with iCloud allowing it work across devices that share the same Apple ID.

Siri will be integrated into the company's iCloud cloud service, which will enable it to identify the connections between the various devices associated with that Apple ID account and continue to offer relevant actions and steps from all devices.

Siri is also expected to gain a wider range of voice commands for tvOS with actions related to the user not just television functionality.

It's believed that Apple will unveil some of its Siri enhancements at WWDC 2017. There are also rumors that Siri could be used to power AR features for the iPhone 8. Check out this iPhone X concept that features a function area with virtual buttons powered by Siri AR.

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Apple Rumored to Integrate Siri Into iMessage, iCloud With iOS 11

Jimmy D. Gregg - April 25, 2017 at 8:12am
Oh, so it appears that Apple also outsources software development to other countries. Just wonder why they decided to found an offshore team in Israel. It is rather expensive.